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Jul. 17th, 2010

pavarian: (min nerd)
Not to spoiler anything. Just had to come and say. Inception is the most freaking brillant mindfuck of a movie ever. It beats sixth sense hands down in mindfucking.

The premise blows your mind. And three hours after that, while discussing the finer points of the movie with a friend, we're still getting mindfucked by all the intricacies. So much so that i need to rewatch it. Because that ending just. Well. I need to rewatch to figure out exactly what that ending is. O.M.G.

best movie of 2010 so far. Best sci-fi movie ever, seriously. I love it to bits.

Cast and acting was brillant. And Joseph Gordon Levitt is so cute! He's kinda geeky and yet he gets all these cool action scenes. Pretty amazing scenes when Christopher Nolan says that the computer animation was minimal and most of the stuff in the movie was done by elaborate stage sets. O_O

Oh and my favourite out-of-pont-but-funny scene:
"People are looking! What do we do?"
-"Kiss me"
"Er. People are still looking."
-"well, it was worth a try anyway"

*squees and dies* cute cute scene. And no that probably won't spoiler anything =) 

a more proper movie review to come when i've watched it the second time, and most of the pple on this flist have seen it XD
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