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Oct. 9th, 2011

pavarian: (Janto)
BBC America is the root of all evil. No really. Let me explain -

It all started with me switching on BBC America when they were screening 'Any Dream Will Do', a competition to find the next 'Joseph' for a musical. There was one particular judge, called John Barrowman. He did stuff on the show like this - which was way too charming <3

So I went on youtube, and typed in 'John Barrowman' and realized the guy is gay and has this adorable hot partner called Scott Gills, and together they do things like this which is beyond adorable.

And then Youtube being youtube throws these deluge of videos and i learnt several things:
  1. He flirts. With anything that moves. Would shag them too.
  2. There's two shows he's in. Doctor Who, and Torchwood. They're linked. And in Torchwood he shags this cute butler called Ianto. They shag. They kiss. And Ianto is really fine. I mean look at this. *dead*
It also really helps that Torchwood and Doctor who are both about Time Travel, Aliens, and, for once, excellent scripting.

So yeah. Um. Help. I found Torchwood. And Doctor Who. And Ianto oh god andtheresjack/iantofic so help me. D=

As if i really needed ANOTHER OTP and TWO LONG TV SERIALS to get addicted to right now. D=

PS. Growing rec list here *facepalms*
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