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it's been awhile, sorry for not posting as much as I really should. LOL But, i've been busy! over these few things, primarily:
  1. My new phone. A gorgeous, black and red DROIIIIID incredible. By HTC mind you, because i'm a sucker for the HTC Sense UI, and motorola really, really sucks. XD It's so liberating to finally be connected 24/7, and i find myself turning on the computer less and less, because, hey, i can do everything else on the phone! hhahaha. That's all good until i see the phone bill of course. D=  I actually like the Android interface better than the iphone. Or maybe i jsut like the htc interface. The keyboard is awesome. At least i don't make crazy mistakes like i do on the iphone =_=
  2. A/E inception fic. OMG. This just reminded me why i really love english fandoms - the excellent writing. I look at the fic being churned out at a scary rate of 10 a day and i despair of every reading all of them. lol Also, harry potter/inception crossovers. O.M.G. best crossover ever. Somehow the fact that arthur is a wizard is really kinda cool. LOL Been reading fic whenever i get a break - lunch, before bed, after i wake....^^;;;;   The thing about english fandoms is they tend to deal with a whole different level of emotional subtleties which I find asian fandoms don't usually go into. That might be attributed to western cultures being more screwed up open but it really does make for good reading. Asian fandoms usually end up being two dimensional compared to stuff they write about in english fandoms. Either that or i'm just spoiled by the quality of the writing in Harry Potter/Inception fandoms. lol
  3. Actually, work. =_= i kinda miscounted/forgotten the fact that i have actually taken vacation for the last two weeks of december. So. Um. Screwed. Because i have to finish all my projects by year end and my time line just got truncated by 2 weeks. Shit.
On other things, OMG YAY LUNA SEA CONCERT IN TWO WEEKS!!! And black friday before then. Kinda have a long list of electronics I need to purchase... my wallet... T_T

HARRY POTTER IN A WEEK! i cannot wait. *starts fidgeting*

And i think i'm officially over the DBSK fandom. Unfortunately. That new JYJ english album was actually the last straw. I'm afraid i only really like DBSK songs when they're together. The JYJ stuff by kanye west was just.... not my type of music. I guess i'm tired of all the drama in kpop fandoms. So i'm out. I'll watch the occasional drama, but otherwise, i think i'm done.  My sister, on the other hand, is over the moon, because she gets to inherit my ginormous hoard of dbsk stuffs. =_= I'm keeping the cds though. I still love the music. lol

On happier news, Suede and Luna Sea have reunited. Two of my favourite bands in the world. <3 <3 <3 Although the fact that they're reuniting after 10 years and I've actually seen them through several albums and traumatic breakups makes me feel extremely old. T_T But! regardless. Yay. Good music is back in the world again. lol
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