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So for the past two days I've pretty much vegetated in front of my computer reading fic, reorganizing my music collection, and tinkering with my shiny new tumblr. Of course I also found the time to shop (and get extremely broke) on black friday *winces* That said I may have found the ultimate sweet spot for black friday shopping - one must hit the midnight madness at 4am, when the first wave of people leave, so you don't have the problem with parking or elbowing people for a spot at the queue, or standing in line after line just to pay/try clothes/get coffee.

On the flip side, that one bright idea has left me extremely broke, because once there's not enough of a crowd to tire me out, i go batshit crazy shopping =_=


Also, Take That has a new album. Yes, you heard right. Take That has a new album. D= And good ol' Robbie Williams is back with the boys!!!!! *does a happy dance*

Now you may be wondering why on earth i'm reccing a boyband (DBSK doesn't count XD). A very mature man-band to be precise, but still. It's pop. It's 90s stuff. It's a tad embarrassing to even mention one listens to them. (Though I guess admitting I used to really like Backstreet Boys is equally damning too). I never quite liked Take That in general. Always found it silly that Gary Barlow got to sing everything while the other four harmonized the chorus like very classy back-up singers. I was frankly glad when Robbie went solo - his Swing While You're Winning concert at the Albert Hall is still one of my all-time favourite live performances.

Imagine my surprise though, when i sampled the album. Progress is an extremely good album. Frankly, if I'd never seen the title, I would never have known that this was Take That. It doesn't sound like a boyband pop record at all. Rather it sounds like a mash-up of the best of british popular music. At times while listening it's almost uncanny, the artists and songs this album makes me recall. It's a little bit of Coldplay, a little Paolo Nutini, and that honesty that I tend to associate with the Beatles. All this peppered with a bit of Suede-esque glamour and Muse/Queen grandeur. 

When Robbie and Gary mesh their song writing together it produces a very addictive brand of pop. You have Gary's knack for emotional, beautiful tunes, coupled with Robbie's tendency to give everything that little edge to make it still relevant today. I love this album. I only hope Robbie sticks around long enough to make another. Gary Barlow is a really good song writer, but at times it tends to get boring, so I think it's a good thing Robbie's back to add that little spunk. =D

Here's the sampler for the entire album. My personal favourites are The Flood, Pretty Things (which sounds a little demented BUT SO BEAUTIFUL), and Wait (reminds me of a Suede song).

And here's a live performance of The Flood. I love the huge wall of sound this provides. Love it to bits. There's something about the big smile on Robbie's face that tugs at my heart. They all look so happy to be together again.

I've a new found appreciation for Take That's music now. They are so much better when the others sing lead too. Case in point being a beautiful acoustic version of Shine. I love Mark Owen's voice. This is from the first album after their reunion in 2006, minus Robbie. Very good song.

And lastly, the song about the rift between the two. As always, better live. I like the honesty in this song, and the tune.

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