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BBC America is the root of all evil. No really. Let me explain -

It all started with me switching on BBC America when they were screening 'Any Dream Will Do', a competition to find the next 'Joseph' for a musical. There was one particular judge, called John Barrowman. He did stuff on the show like this - which was way too charming <3

So I went on youtube, and typed in 'John Barrowman' and realized the guy is gay and has this adorable hot partner called Scott Gills, and together they do things like this which is beyond adorable.

And then Youtube being youtube throws these deluge of videos and i learnt several things:
  1. He flirts. With anything that moves. Would shag them too.
  2. There's two shows he's in. Doctor Who, and Torchwood. They're linked. And in Torchwood he shags this cute butler called Ianto. They shag. They kiss. And Ianto is really fine. I mean look at this. *dead*
It also really helps that Torchwood and Doctor who are both about Time Travel, Aliens, and, for once, excellent scripting.

So yeah. Um. Help. I found Torchwood. And Doctor Who. And Ianto oh god andtheresjack/iantofic so help me. D=

As if i really needed ANOTHER OTP and TWO LONG TV SERIALS to get addicted to right now. D=

PS. Growing rec list here *facepalms*
Date: 2011-10-31 08:23 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Late comment is late, but omg yesssss John Barrowman is awesome!

And Jack x Ianto = OTP FOR LIFE. They're kind of the reason my friend got me into Torchwood, lol. I don't watch it anymore (for reasons I won't mention in case you don't want spoilers XD"), but I love those guys. =3

Also I finally started watching Dr. Who recently and it's so good! Makes me wonder what took me so long to get into it. XD
Date: 2011-11-03 07:33 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
LOL HEYYY =) it's ok, late comment better than no comment XDXD

omg JOHN BARROWMAN. i love him to bits. I have too many OTPs. But Jack/Ianto is definitely up there in my top five. OMG iantooooooo <3 Gragh i'm pretty much incoherent (it's 2am here LOL)

It's ok, i know what happens in Children of Earth, i started on the fanfics before actually watching Torchwood lol, did it all backwards! I'm still on season 1, slowly working through it and trying to make it last forever (and replay every jack/ianto moment XD)

I think i really fell in love with ianto and jack/ianto after the cyberwoman-lisa episode. That was EPIC. But iantooooo why is he deaddddd. I heard Miracle Day is pretty crappy and american, so I guess that's it then :(

I actually started on Doctor Who first, and then got into Torchwood a little later. I <3 matt smith and david tennant. Actually i like all of them. I think it woul dbe pretty awesome if Captain Jack turns up in Season 7 with the 11th doctor, it would be pretty hilarious XD

How far are you in doctor who? So i won't spoil it for you by accident =)

so awesome, one more thing we can gush about hehehehehehe
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