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So! Year of the Dragon and all that. Although honestly I've been spending the time squeeing over BBC's Sherlock and reading fic *sheepish grin* Can't help it, there's nothing to do in US to celebrate Chinese New Year, which kinda sucks. So i retreat to fic. Do not judge me. XD

If you're wondering what Sherlock is, it's probably The Best Sherlock adaptation I've ever seen. It is an updated, modernized version of the Sherlock classics, set in the 21st century. And because I suck at describing why it's so so good, here's a trailer -

And since [ profile] invicta has so wonderfully listed ten reason's why one should watch Sherlock, i'll put them here. Everything she says. *emphatic nod* Season 3 needs to appear. Now.

1. Every actor in this series is completely on-point with his or her performance. I'm especially in love with the two leads, plus Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes.
2. Cinematography. Great camera angles all around. Series two has some especially gorgeous wide shots and use of negative space.
3. Score. Never cheesy, and it peaks at all the right moments.
4. It is hugely, hugely clever. Never predictable, gives you just enough clues to begin to try and solve the mysteries yourself, but turns around at the end with a wickedly smart surprise.
5. The lead actors are ridiculously attractive. Hell, pretty much all the actors are ridiculously attractive.
6. Locations. In six episodes, you get to see a bajillion corners of London, plus Dartmoor at its eeriest.
7. Wit. Sherlock utters some fantastically cutting lines you'll want to throw at people IRL. (But you shouldn't.)
8. Pacing. This show is written like a series of mystery thrillers. There's never a slow, dull, or awkwardly paced movement. The action barrels on with perfect momentum.
9. Nods to the Arthur Conan Doyle canon. Readers of the original Sherlock Holmes stories will be able to catch little references to them, but in unexpected ways.
10. SHERLOCK. JOHN. BROMANCE. <---- this. <3

And #11 - Benedict Cumberbatch. His voice. And those cheekbones and the coat. <3
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