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just a short one to pimp my new fic comm. Just for fun cos i was itching to make a layout + icon of homin's legs ;_;

clicky: [ profile] longleggedlove 

Please check out the layout and my shiny icon up there (because i really like the icon XDXDXD)

now back to writing that blasted fic that's getting waaaaay too long... lol
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Woke up early to a dreary sunday morning today, and decided to make something special for brunch. I'd originally wanted to make Anthony Bourdain/Pepin's recipe for a basic omelette, but as I had only one egg and insufficient patience to plough through the recipe (it was hard! it had many steps and many warnings!), I made my own variation instead. LOLOL.

This was the result:

Turned out pretty good! The zucchini and carrots gave a nice balance to the potatoes, which were saltier and crumbly. Fresh carrots was a good idea, so sweet! Pretty much stir-fried the mix with garlic, spring onions, tumeric, salt and pepper. I didn't think it would come out so good. But yum =) 

Dodgy recipe below )
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i am depressed. =_= dbsk is on indefinite hiatus. i refuse to believe it's a full out disbandment because that word was not used. avex was my last hope of things working out and they were the ones to make the announcement. That they're considering closing BigEast is not a good sign T_T Then they tell us to support the solo careers.

SME i hate you so much. T_T just bloody compromise and give me my new GROUP album damn you.
Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:35 am

MEME! =)

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[ profile] ky_rin tagged me, and it looked interesting (aka. satisfies my exhibitionist tendencies) so here goes. =)

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
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Tagging: [ profile] bonedoll , [ profile] cimmerian_shade , [ profile] starlighter , [ profile] auntdrey 
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Just came back from an awesome, fabulous, totally MINDFUCKING MUSE concert. OMG. LIke. Seriously. O. M. G. So i went in knowing it'd be good, since PL has already been telling me about every single muse concert that i had the misfortune to miss. Was super psyched up going in. And to my surprise the performance surpassed all my expectations.

Rather incoherent because omg it was so good and i'm half deaf right now, and omg it's midnight and i've not started on my work due tomorrow =_= But. some highlights:

1. THEY PLAYED GUIDING LIGHT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I was studying all the playlists for the resistance concert, and less than half of them featured Guiding Light. So i was really keeping my fingers crossed for this one... I mean i like MK Ultra, but Guiding LIght by far was the most AWESOME AWESOME song. So. Matthew played it. I was like OMGOMGOMG OMGOMGOMGOMG. I'd previously thought the recorded version was pretty darn awesome. But LIVE. OMG. That was the best ever. The drum beat just went straight to your heart. And the soaring voice did funny things to your head. O.M.G. Best ever.

2. Sound system freaking awesome. And the screens were gorgeous (yes PL). My only gripe was my seat was way high up and PARALLEL to the stage, so i couldn't really see the full effect of the stage. But it was still pretty darn gorgeous.

3. Surprisingly full house turnout. Or close to fullhouse at least. I was pretty amazed, being this was TEXAS and USA in general and MUSE never had a huge following here.

4. Starlight. Wow. NICE.

5. My fave bits were when Matthew played the piano. But i'm biased that way. he's so hot on the piano *_*

6. United States of Eurasia. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. *sigh*

7. I LOVED how the drum was just doing weird things to your heartbeat, and the voice was making me go into this weird trance thing. It was sooo soooooo good. So much more than the albums, which were already so awesome. *sigh*

8. Supermassive Black Hole. OMG. If i could stand up, i would've danced like crazy. SO GOOD. The only problem with the venue was it was the Houston Rockets stadium, so the top floor cheap-ass seats were really steep, and standing up would actually mean possible falling to death. lol. So i was the crazy kid bouncing and bouncing on the seat. LOLOL But hey, had to improvise... lol

Ok. I think i've repeated the fact that i love it too many times. Just. If it swings by your city. PLEASE WATCH IT. I went with 4 people who knew shite about Muse. They came out loving them. lolol

After the concert, on the drive home in my friend's awesome mercedes with the awesome sound system, we were BLASTING the Resistance album. OMG. This is wehn you really love surround sound car audio systems. O_O hahaha

edit. Looks like i got lucky with the Chicago setlist. Apparently they had 6 variations. So i had a less than 50% chance of hearing Guiding Light O_O hahaa. OMG YAY. Anyway. setlist here.  One extra song too! =) =) =)

And yeah. That was it. Definitely a night to remember. Matthew Bellamy also kinda hot. =) And the stage. Gorgeous. The moving lighted pillars! 

Now, back to work. Midnight. I'm so screwed tomorrow. But meh, WORTH IT XD

edit. Had some time to go through the fancams on youtube. here's a selection to show you what the concert was like. Not all were from the Houston show but it was the exact same thing. The key were those awesome screen pillar things =) =) =) Had trouble finding decent audio recordings for the houston leg =_= everyone was too high. LOLOL

The Intro + Hysteria. This was SO COOL. The people were walking and then the whole thing just DROPPED and everyone started screaming. Alternate view (houston leg) here.

more vids under cut )
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Been meaning to post this up for some time... One of my unofficial new year resolutions was to start cooking more. That and I was seriously starting to get sick of my cooking. So over the past few weeks I've been trawling blogs and bookmarking recipes to try out. In an attempt to start channeling Julie in Julie & Julia, here's a selection of the things I've been trying... *grin*

Click for B-grade food pr0n )
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Just heard this on my ipod today while driving home, and was reminded about why I like the scissor sisters so much. They sound very... glam-pop, maybe? I like the sound, it reminds me of suede crossed with david bowie and with a bit of bee gees even. Slightly campy, but very fun, and incidentally excellent for jogging XD What makes them special to me is the HILARIOUS lyrics. Very snarky, flamboyant, and yes a little gay. But very fun to listen to.

I particularly like the tune and the lyrics of this song, Land of a Thousand Words. Very haunting. The mtv was also way cool, reminded me of those james bond trailers. Ta-Dah, the album this came from, by the way, is an excellent album.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Hope the year of the Tiger will be a good one.. =)

Spent seven hours cleaning my house today. It's funny how the longer you spend overseas, the more important the traditions become. Yet another way to alleviate the homesickness. The problem with me and spring cleaning, is, well, I'm OCD. Everything takes twice as long when you're anal =_= So yes, my house right now is seriously CLEAN. It's practically shining. O_o Took out 6 bags of trash. The neighbours were probably looking at me weird. LOL

Reunion dinner was a rather subdued affair - met up with two other friends for a simple dinner at a cafe. None of the fancy New Year dishes, nor the usual raucous surroundings. In fact the cafe was pretty quiet and empty, which made me feel rather...homesick at the end of it. Spent the last hour calling relatives. Hearing the noisy laughter in the background makes me want to go home NOW! I miss my CNY days... lol  Though I'm seriously grateful for skype and long distance phonecalls. I'd be miserable otherwise! lol

This year's CNY is interesting though, it's the same as V-Day. I wonder how the asians are dealing with that. My theory is that CNY comes before V-Day simply because, well, it's the first day of CNY! No time to date - need to visit the gazillion relatives. LOL

Now the only thing is, what to do tomorrow. Hm. Houston doesn't give one many alternatives when one's friends are all hooked up and busy. =_=
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So for the past three weeks I kinda went overboard with the movie-watching, the result being 8 movies back to back over that period. LOL I couldn't help it! There was an insane number of movies I wanted to watch during the december/january period! So here's just some short reviews for the movies, in case anyone's interested.

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Was browsing through my youtube faves before bed, and thought i'd rec one of my current fave pop artists, kobukuro. They are a japanese band, made of two guys. The music tends to be mid tempo tunes or ballads, and generally characterized by a lot of harmony, which I am a sucker for (hence my corresponding love for dong bang shin ki because of their acapella XD). I usually listen to their songs when i'm need of some soothing, comforting music. As an introduction, i recommend their greatest hits album. Here's some of my faves:

1. Kimi to iu na tsubasa (fave song)

I love this song's amazing energy and tune. Never fails to make me perk up. Also love the harmony. One of their few fast songs.

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Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:32 am

New Layout!

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Finally got down and did it!!!! Tada~~~ my new layout. LOL. Okay technically I only really made all the graphics (header pic, matching icon, and profile pic), but still. Took awhile, since LJ layout codes are a bit of a pain in general O_o

Profile and layout coding cred goes to the amazing [ profile] fruitstyle .

Picture taken from Bonjour Paris because I love that photoshoot, and hey, it's Homin <3

Please check out my profile too! I changed it out. Clicky.

Do let me know what you think =) =) =)

I do have another homin and changmin header in the works. If no one wants it i'll be releasing them to [ profile] deep_install  in a few days. Now on to [ profile] bonedoll 's jaejoong layout *stressed* 
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Haven't been posting for awhile, gomen. I've been fulfilling my narcissic urges through twitter and hence facebook, thus the lack of blog posts =)

Just came back from San Francisco, which was a wonderful 4 days of stuffing my face with world class asian food, shopping, and happily taking public transport. Yes. Public transport. Because, living in Texas and having to sit through a 30 minute traffic jam everyday has made me appreciate it when someone else is doing the sitting-through-and-driving bit, leaving me to do the sleeping/psp-ing/reading bit in peace. =)

So yes, in Houston now. Kinda bummed because all my friends here are either out of the state or hooked up with significant others and hence MIA. It's the last day of the year! Probably the first time I've not had any fun cheesy countdown parties. All i have is half a bottle of zinfandel from Beringer, which I might consider downing at midnight, if I don't fall asleep first. LOL

That said, the MAIN point of this post is Toshikoshi Soba or Year-End soba, as detailed here. Decided to make something special since I had nothing to do. And this was possibly the easiest thing I could do short of having to drive out to get fresh ingredients. I had some left over frozen dashi stock and the frozen remnants of the stock base (aka. pieces of kelp and bonito) which I threw into a pot together with some filtered water. Referring to's recipe, I also randomly added soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. Oh and my self-proclaimed secret ingredient: bits of citrus/orange peel from this Citron/Yuzu preserve drink thing I had. Pretty much dug out a few pieces of the peel, cleaned off the excess honey/sugar, and then threw it in. Got this idea from when I once ate at a rather high-end soba shop. The soup had the taste of orange peel, which was probably dried, and hence had a stronger flavour compared to this. But meh, close enough. =)

And then voila. To my immense surprise (because the last time i tried this it was a spectacular failure), it tasted pretty authentic. Threw in fresh spring onions and wakame for some extra kick. So yay, me. Here's a picture as proof =) I've discovered the reason why the last one was so fail - not enough soy sauce. And no orange peel. Eureka~! XD

This totally made me feel a little better, since spending new year alone is Phail as it is. LOL

Happy new year guys! Hope this year will be better than the last! =)
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so it's almost christmas. houston is COLD. foggy, cloudy, and COLD. i'd really rather it snow or rain or something. This fog deal is so notcool. ^^;;;

need to get off my ass and change this layout into something more respectable that I actually made myself, so I don't appear like a crazy fangirl.

Putting up a list of todos here so I can scratch them off and feel accomplished later:

1. finish pl's jaejoong layout
2. finish my homin layout
3. make some wallpapers
4. complete homepage layout for the 13hourstolove collective.
5. reorganize my music collection
6. get the full mr children discography
7. finish downloading all the dbsk vids
8. reinstall my viruscan.
9. finish my fanfics

And here's mayday's quintissential xmas song:

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Was really depressed just now because all the tickets home are sold out and i'm forced to take a FORCED vacation due to the economy, and worse still, they're forcing me to spend it in houston. So i was depressed.

But this made me feel better:

omg so cute. and i love the acapella arrangement. <3 <3 <3
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Pimping some classic J-Pop to get my mind off the DBSK fiasco. Chances are you might have heard these before, back when you were a kid. At least I did. At least one has been re-sung in chinese too. =) Very very good songs, so please do give them a listen. Finally able to give names to them after DBSK did some covers. LOL

Sakura by Moriyama Naotarou. Love the voice, and the chorus especially is familiar. You'd know once you listen to it. Very soulful, very simple.

Rainy Blue by Hideaki Tokunaga. If you've been listening to chinese/canto pop when you were young, you will know this song. I believe Jacky Cheung did a cover. The original, though, with that wistful voice, is still my favourite. For eng subs, you have to watch the dbsk jaechun version here which is another type of beautiful.

True Love by Fumiya Fujii. Yet another classic. LOOOVE this song.

Comment if you'd like the mp3s. Or if you like the songs etc. =)
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stuck @ houston airport. Flight was delayed for 4 hours. Bummer. Sleepy. Nonetheless, excited. Japan!!!!!! :) more to come as and when i get internet access. It was announced that google will be giving out free wifi @ this airport... But i can't find it on my phone...

On other things, looks like oprah has finally decided to retire. this is possibly the biggest news on american tv this morning lol. I only remember her as the one who gave us all free bokks at our graduation, and gave a cool speech... Lol

Sigh bored. 2 more hours...

Post from mobile portal
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This is beyond hilarious. Seriously. I come back for 2 short weeks to attend two weddings. With lots of crazy back-to-back meetups with dear friends in between. The day I and PL finally met, just had to be the day I meet Gackt. Of all people *headdesks* Resulting from a series of random uneventful decisions we made, no less. *facepalms*

PL's much funnier and detailed account can be found here.

So it all started 4 mths back with pl and I finally fixing a date to meetup when i get back. This was supposed to be a huuuuuge karaoke session combined with much DBSK fangirling. And general catching up, as all good friends do.

The kbox session had to be vetoed as dear me had this horrid sore throat. so PL suggests we go to town for Curry Omu Rice @ Mr. Curry, which was AWESOME. Then I suggested we go to Far East because I wanted to browse the korean clothes shops over there. PL agrees, and we drop by isetan to look for Alanna and pass her stuff. ON the way we stop by the okinawan drum performance (which apparently gackt was watching but we didn't see him). Then we wandered off to find Alanna and pass her stuff. Up to this point, your nice, mundane girls' day out. Normal, boring, singaporean.

Alanna just had to be not-around at that point, so we kinda loitered around the jewellery section (as yours truly is a sucker for earrings). Finally we got bored enough we decided to head off towards far east. So we were walking past the escalator, and pl was in front. I think (and my memory at this point is hazy) that pl muttered to me something about bunch of guys on left that were japanese and kinda hot. So i kinda just glanced and was about to walk off. Then somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind something about that hot guy with the sunglases and bleached hair clicked. And i quickly turned around to double check. At that point I was like, *OMG is that gackt or am i dreaming* and quickly elbowed PL hard and hissed "PL, behind me. Is it gackt. I'm serious!!!! (because this is singapore and Gackts dont' just pop out of thin air)". PL glanced back and stared at me. "Omg. Eh. Really. It is him". And at this point we were in a bit of a detached shock. Behind us Gackt and his minders had kinda stopped behind us. I think Gackt noticed we recognized him. LOL So they were kinda standing there and figuring out where to go next.

I pretty much at that point dragged pl to a corner and we both frantically started digging in our bags to look for paper for autographs. We had pens. We had everything else in our bags. BUT NO PAPER. And, this is the sad part:- I had a brand new DBSK Prague photobook and a very precious Yunho postcard in my bag. BUT NO PAPER. *facepalms* Utter phail. We meet gackt and I'm holding precious DBSK merchandise. =_= Three years back it would've been a high chance that if I meet PL, i would be carrying a jrock magazine. But now. Nooooo. DBSK merchandise. *head-desks* And obviously I'm not going to ask him sign those, cos 1) paiseh 2) er, I want DBSK to sign that!!!! LOL

At this point, we stared at each other in despair. Then I suggested we ask gackt for a photo. So we run after the group who were leaving. I think i managed a strangled 'Sumimasen' to his back, and then I had to count on PL to soldier on cos my mind was goo. The conversation was really pretty funny:

PL: Sumimasen, Gackt-san desu ka? 
Me: *manages to not say Gackt-sama and totally embarrass myself, and just smiles*
PL: *manages some broken japanese to ask for a photo, and kinda tapers off when she forgets the words - because a full on gackt stare is kinda like mind-killer*

At this point his manager kinda starts waving her hands and saying no. So we were kinda disappointed, and tryjng to figure out what next to say. I was trying to frantically remember a gackt song, which obviously can't happen because my mind was full of dbsk. *facepalms* PL was silent and uhmming because, well, she was never a fan, and what do you say to someone you never really like anyway? Then i think Gackt took pity on us, and this was when it got really funny:

Gackt: 你们是新加坡人吗?
Us: *blinks. uh, did he just speak chinese to us?!!!!!!*
PL: *recovers quickly* Uh....对对!我们是新加坡人!
Me: *manages to parrot PL, but brain is still kinda processing* Hai.... (obviously i'm confused cos he's japanese and i'm in japanese mode but i'm hearing chinese!!!!)

*awkward silence* (thinking back I think Gackt might be desperately trying to remember his chinese XD)

Gackt: *gesticulates and points at the floor* 你们住在这里吗?
PL: *blinks* uh....是!是!我们住在这里!
Me: *blinks* ?!!!??????!  (omg his voice is like silk., *dies*)

*classic awkward Gackt silence*

PL: 欢迎你来到新加坡! (when in doubt, do the classic singapore tourist spiel)

Gackt then did this really hot (OMG) smile and stretched out a hand to shake ours. I was just like. Staring at the hand. And then I shook it. First thing i thought was 'OMG his skin damn nice.'. Second thought was 'OMG HE JUST SHOOK MY HAND!!!'

Then he said something language and waved and then we bowed alot and left. Then we went to a corner to squee. We were rather...unstable. I was screaming in the phone at my friend, as was PL. LOL Both of us were just in shock. Because random HUGE jrock stars don' t just drop from the sky right in front of you, and speak mandarin, and then shake your hands. O.M.G.

The sad part is we weren't even true fans. PL never liked him after Malice Mizer. And I was a fan up until he started writing songs that had super weird tunes. Super sad part is we had DBSK merchandise. Super super super sad part is, well... it wasn't DBSK. *facepalms* LOL Then again if dbsk materialized in front of me... if I was already this phail in front of gackt, I think with dbsk in front, and no coherent pl to save me (i'm assuming she'd be goo just seeing jae), it'd be rather hopeless. 

I'm still in awe at how calm PL was. LOLOLOL I think i pretty much did what one is NOT supposed to do when you meet someone you like or used to like. LOLOL Omg. Gackt. OMG.

My luck. Is like, so weird. O_O Now all this weird luck needs to be channeled to me meeting changmin/yunho in the face. Then i can die happy *_*
Oct. 17th, 2009 08:57 am

Song Meme

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Post up youtube vids of five songs in your music collection which have the same title but are sung by different artists. (i so totally made this up XD)

Title: Shine

1. The campy ghei that is Luna Sea. Sugizo's rather...divaesque performance is pretty memorable.

2. Take That's version. Embedding disabled, so please click here. Love the MV =)

3. Mr Big. Also the soundtrack for...i think it was Helsing. There was vampires or something. 

4. L'arc En Ciel. I'm starting to hear some similarities between the songs... (Also, really love this PV and song)

5. Last but not least, the DBSK version. XDXDXDXDXD SOOOO CUTE! <3

Its really rather interesting how they all have the same general key tones even they're all wholly different styles. =) INteresting meme XDXD. Tagging PL, the only person that still reads this blog... XD And anyone else who might wanna do this XD

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