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S T A R D U S T E D .
stardusted v.1
the homin redux edition.

Most people who know me agree on some things - that I love music, quirky things, and good looking guys. Which pretty much sums it up. I listen to japanese, korean, chinese, and english pop/rock. Extensively. The type that has a 60gb, obsessively organized mp3 collection. I also read lots of fanfiction, particularly the slash kind. And I like my pretty bishonen =) When I get bored I read fantasy/sci-fi fiction, and the occassional manga. These days I also dabble in photoshop, website design, and art.

Header pic here by haunted_icons, and layout is by appleleaf.
deep installlong legged love13hourstolove collectivetumblrtagsdeep install my graphics journal, maintained with bonedoll.

long legged love fic journal, shared with avarisia. Predominantly dbsk/homin fic.

13hourstolove my (yet to be started) site collective

friending policy: Please only friend me if you either a) know who I am or b) have introduced yourself properly. I like to know who i'm talking to =) Go ahead and comment spam, I won't bite! =)
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