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So. Luna Sea - only the greatest JRock band EVER, at least in my book. This was the first japanese band i loved - I found out about them when I was 14 and, together with V, we obsessed over them, and the Shine album, endlessly. We even managed to sneak the Shine album into the school PA system so everyone had to listen to the album while we were waiting for the morning assembly to begin. =D And when, two years later, they broke up, we were HEARTBROKEN. Up till today i vividly remember how heartbroken i was. We were both just moaning in class about how they were GONE and HOW NOW?!!!!

Fast-forward 10 years later, and then they drop the whole reunion thing on me. I was praying so hard they would stop by in USA, because by hook or by crook i swore that I would fly over regardless to see them. So when they announced the LA stop we quickly bought tickets =D =D =D I didnt' think it'd actually turn out to be better than anything i could ever dream of *cough*sawryuichi*cough*

Concert report here.. )

Ryuichi sighting =D )
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Just came back from an awesome, fabulous, totally MINDFUCKING MUSE concert. OMG. LIke. Seriously. O. M. G. So i went in knowing it'd be good, since PL has already been telling me about every single muse concert that i had the misfortune to miss. Was super psyched up going in. And to my surprise the performance surpassed all my expectations.

Rather incoherent because omg it was so good and i'm half deaf right now, and omg it's midnight and i've not started on my work due tomorrow =_= But. some highlights:

1. THEY PLAYED GUIDING LIGHT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I was studying all the playlists for the resistance concert, and less than half of them featured Guiding Light. So i was really keeping my fingers crossed for this one... I mean i like MK Ultra, but Guiding LIght by far was the most AWESOME AWESOME song. So. Matthew played it. I was like OMGOMGOMG OMGOMGOMGOMG. I'd previously thought the recorded version was pretty darn awesome. But LIVE. OMG. That was the best ever. The drum beat just went straight to your heart. And the soaring voice did funny things to your head. O.M.G. Best ever.

2. Sound system freaking awesome. And the screens were gorgeous (yes PL). My only gripe was my seat was way high up and PARALLEL to the stage, so i couldn't really see the full effect of the stage. But it was still pretty darn gorgeous.

3. Surprisingly full house turnout. Or close to fullhouse at least. I was pretty amazed, being this was TEXAS and USA in general and MUSE never had a huge following here.

4. Starlight. Wow. NICE.

5. My fave bits were when Matthew played the piano. But i'm biased that way. he's so hot on the piano *_*

6. United States of Eurasia. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS. *sigh*

7. I LOVED how the drum was just doing weird things to your heartbeat, and the voice was making me go into this weird trance thing. It was sooo soooooo good. So much more than the albums, which were already so awesome. *sigh*

8. Supermassive Black Hole. OMG. If i could stand up, i would've danced like crazy. SO GOOD. The only problem with the venue was it was the Houston Rockets stadium, so the top floor cheap-ass seats were really steep, and standing up would actually mean possible falling to death. lol. So i was the crazy kid bouncing and bouncing on the seat. LOLOL But hey, had to improvise... lol

Ok. I think i've repeated the fact that i love it too many times. Just. If it swings by your city. PLEASE WATCH IT. I went with 4 people who knew shite about Muse. They came out loving them. lolol

After the concert, on the drive home in my friend's awesome mercedes with the awesome sound system, we were BLASTING the Resistance album. OMG. This is wehn you really love surround sound car audio systems. O_O hahaha

edit. Looks like i got lucky with the Chicago setlist. Apparently they had 6 variations. So i had a less than 50% chance of hearing Guiding Light O_O hahaa. OMG YAY. Anyway. setlist here.  One extra song too! =) =) =)

And yeah. That was it. Definitely a night to remember. Matthew Bellamy also kinda hot. =) And the stage. Gorgeous. The moving lighted pillars! 

Now, back to work. Midnight. I'm so screwed tomorrow. But meh, WORTH IT XD

edit. Had some time to go through the fancams on youtube. here's a selection to show you what the concert was like. Not all were from the Houston show but it was the exact same thing. The key were those awesome screen pillar things =) =) =) Had trouble finding decent audio recordings for the houston leg =_= everyone was too high. LOLOL

The Intro + Hysteria. This was SO COOL. The people were walking and then the whole thing just DROPPED and everyone started screaming. Alternate view (houston leg) here.

more vids under cut )
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Okay, here's the concert report proper, since it promises to be LONG.:

Clicky for the <3 )
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