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Woke up early to a dreary sunday morning today, and decided to make something special for brunch. I'd originally wanted to make Anthony Bourdain/Pepin's recipe for a basic omelette, but as I had only one egg and insufficient patience to plough through the recipe (it was hard! it had many steps and many warnings!), I made my own variation instead. LOLOL.

This was the result:

Turned out pretty good! The zucchini and carrots gave a nice balance to the potatoes, which were saltier and crumbly. Fresh carrots was a good idea, so sweet! Pretty much stir-fried the mix with garlic, spring onions, tumeric, salt and pepper. I didn't think it would come out so good. But yum =) 

Dodgy recipe below )
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Been meaning to post this up for some time... One of my unofficial new year resolutions was to start cooking more. That and I was seriously starting to get sick of my cooking. So over the past few weeks I've been trawling blogs and bookmarking recipes to try out. In an attempt to start channeling Julie in Julie & Julia, here's a selection of the things I've been trying... *grin*

Click for B-grade food pr0n )
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Haven't been posting for awhile, gomen. I've been fulfilling my narcissic urges through twitter and hence facebook, thus the lack of blog posts =)

Just came back from San Francisco, which was a wonderful 4 days of stuffing my face with world class asian food, shopping, and happily taking public transport. Yes. Public transport. Because, living in Texas and having to sit through a 30 minute traffic jam everyday has made me appreciate it when someone else is doing the sitting-through-and-driving bit, leaving me to do the sleeping/psp-ing/reading bit in peace. =)

So yes, in Houston now. Kinda bummed because all my friends here are either out of the state or hooked up with significant others and hence MIA. It's the last day of the year! Probably the first time I've not had any fun cheesy countdown parties. All i have is half a bottle of zinfandel from Beringer, which I might consider downing at midnight, if I don't fall asleep first. LOL

That said, the MAIN point of this post is Toshikoshi Soba or Year-End soba, as detailed here. Decided to make something special since I had nothing to do. And this was possibly the easiest thing I could do short of having to drive out to get fresh ingredients. I had some left over frozen dashi stock and the frozen remnants of the stock base (aka. pieces of kelp and bonito) which I threw into a pot together with some filtered water. Referring to's recipe, I also randomly added soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. Oh and my self-proclaimed secret ingredient: bits of citrus/orange peel from this Citron/Yuzu preserve drink thing I had. Pretty much dug out a few pieces of the peel, cleaned off the excess honey/sugar, and then threw it in. Got this idea from when I once ate at a rather high-end soba shop. The soup had the taste of orange peel, which was probably dried, and hence had a stronger flavour compared to this. But meh, close enough. =)

And then voila. To my immense surprise (because the last time i tried this it was a spectacular failure), it tasted pretty authentic. Threw in fresh spring onions and wakame for some extra kick. So yay, me. Here's a picture as proof =) I've discovered the reason why the last one was so fail - not enough soy sauce. And no orange peel. Eureka~! XD

This totally made me feel a little better, since spending new year alone is Phail as it is. LOL

Happy new year guys! Hope this year will be better than the last! =)
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