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so A and I were talking the other day about this homin fic he was working on, and I was attempting to help him brainstorm. It was a fic where changmin works in this old bookstore, and yunho walks in one day... Naturally, put two homin fans, already high from all those hawwwt yunho pics, together, and you get some pretty amazing stuff. Also note that dearest A is AT WORK. =_=. Putting up excerpts of the chat here primarily because PL said 'do share'.  XDXDXD

in which famous books become bad fanfiction puns.. )

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i am depressed. =_= dbsk is on indefinite hiatus. i refuse to believe it's a full out disbandment because that word was not used. avex was my last hope of things working out and they were the ones to make the announcement. That they're considering closing BigEast is not a good sign T_T Then they tell us to support the solo careers.

SME i hate you so much. T_T just bloody compromise and give me my new GROUP album damn you.
Aug. 8th, 2009 01:59 pm


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behold my current source of serious blood loss *_*

just watch the first minute or so. The rest of it you can watch if you end up falling head over heels for the guy XD

and the pictures that come with it...



OMG the cheekbones. The eyes. That body. The legs. *dies*

and another video for hotness:

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Back from Tokyo. Immensely happy. Also immensely broke. But well, you only live once... =)

It all started with this band...and this beautiful song...

Click for the trip journal.. )

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Okay, here's the concert report proper, since it promises to be LONG.:

Clicky for the <3 )
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Currently playing this song to death, and the best part is it's not even released yet *sheepish grin*

but before you guys start complaining about my single-minded obsession, i have to point out jsut how BEAUTIFUL this song is. Firstly, the lyrics. The way it's written, and how close to heart it is, makes me feel very...understood. Then the harmony - very lush, kinda goes into your brain and gives you this comfortable rush. The tune, especially is -exquisite-. And of course the guys are really cute here *heh*

The piano transcription by keudae is also very beautiful:

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Yet another DBSK post - mainly because i just saw TBS' Mirotic concert preview. And it's amazing. The music is good, the dances are OMG SO HOT, and they were pitch perfect in the slow songs O_O I just kept moving closer and closer to the screen... LOL I can't wait for the actual dvd to be out T_T

Also because i just revamped all my icons, so I wanted to show a new one. *points to icon* *dies laughing* Check out my icon set here. I put up some really funny stuff *dies* I love the dbsk boys to BITS *squee*

Posting up this vid out of cut because the singing is AMAZING. Must watch!

Love In The Ice + Don't Say Goodbye - watch this if you skip everything else. BEAUTIFUL pitch-perfect, live performance. And such beautiful songs. Don't say goodbye, especially. Beautiful.

Here's some of my other faves in the concert:

Clicky for more vids.. )
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Thought I'd post up a little DBSK pimp post...just for fun cos it's a lazy Saturday, and it's too hot to go out, and I'm liking the LJ rich-text editor.

Because I don't want to spam people's F-List, shall put the rest of this under the cut. =)

Clicky clicky... )
May. 9th, 2009 02:17 pm


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As i'd promised [ profile] bonedoll , here's the long overdue pic spam I was supposed to do. So basically there was this study I read a LOOONG time back that hypothesized that people tend to get attracted to things they see more often, aka, since you look at yourself in the mirror very often, you tend to get attracted to features similar to yours. This study also mentioned that you tend to like people who are like your parent of the opposite gender. So I thought maybe I'd do some kind of impromptu meme of all the guys I ever liked, and see if there was anything in common....

So here goes, sorted roughly by genre. LOLOL

Click only if you don't value your sanity (or is up for some eyecandy) =) )

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So. PL and I have an obsession. It is extremely embarrassing, in that it's a boyband obsession. It is also rather alarming, in that we've both spent at least $100 each on DBSK goods within two months of finding out about them. And also pretty amazing, that our fangirling is growing exponentially - we've been spamming each other so much that we've had to create new email threads in gmail to accomodate the sheer amount of fanigrling two girls can do even when they are 13 hours apart O_o

rie-plhu classics I
- 59 posts 11/13/08 to 12/31/08
plhu-rie exchanges, part II =) - 56 posts 02/08/09 to 03/29/09 (wherein the dbsk fangirling starts)
rie-plhu classics III - aka Jaejoong is gorgeous and Yunho is smex =) - 60 posts - Apr 2 - Apr 16
plhu-rie classics IV: Jaejoong is all kinds of beautiful and Yunho is a STUD. - 103 posts - Apr 16 - May 4 (we maxed out the gmail thread count limit at 100. The other three posts became a new archive msg O_o GMAIL BUG!!!)
plhu-rie classics V: Jaejoong is epic failure love and Yunho has hot moobies - 3 posts and counting - May 4 to...?

What scares me is we managed to discover gmail's max thread count. That we made it that far in....2 weeks is rather amazing. O_o And I'd have you know that the emails are not one liners either - all epic long posts of fangirl-isms, pic spams, and general spazzing. Amazing. That and the increasingly singleminded subject titles. LOLOL

That''s of course not counting the chats! Was trying to do a screenshot of all the chats...but i think i will leave PL to that. A general estimate of the total number of lines is in the general vicinity of thousands. O_o


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