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here you go. fanfiction recs. I FINALLY got down to doing it, and am immensely proud of myself ^^ arranged by series.

Harry Potter: Sirius/Remus

A Guide To Happiness - Fluff. Immensely sweet coming out story. Very cliched, but I like my fluff. And it is well written fluff. ^^

If In the Beginning | If In the Past | If In The Future | If In The End | If In The Heavens - Five part epic drama on how they get together, get separated...realistic, angsty, beautiful.

Tongue-Tied - In which Sirius becomes the most terrified person in the world, just to ask Remus a Question. ^^ Fluff, one-shot.

Trials and Tribulations of Living With Severus Snape | Trials and Tribulations of Living With Sirius Black - Snape. Stuck with two amorous lovebirds for a week. One long-suffering Remus, and one incredibly childish Sirius. Hilarious. XD

One Last Regret - A S/R staple. Almost every fan has read it. If you haven't, you should. Angsty, but beautiful. Completed.

Registration - Sirius and Remus have to queue up to register Harry for Hogwarts. Harry somehow gets an incredibly long name in the process. ^_^ Humour. One shot.

Breakfast - Remus walks in on James taking a shower. And his mind starts thinking...bad things. XD Humour. One-shot.

Turnabout - Remus works in the library. Sirius decides to disturb him. Humour, oneshot.

Stealing Harry - AU epic wherein Sirius did not go to Azkaban, and Harry is rescued. Adorable harry, loving remus and sirius, and even snape is convincingly good. Also has Arizaphale and Crowley visiting at one point, if you know where to look. ^^ Nice, fluffy, good.

Masked Revels - Very magical story about masques and love. Kinda reminds me of Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint and all that wonderful stuff about The Hunt. Good read, definitely a change from the usual fanfic.

The First Night Series - Another S/R staple. Long long LONG series of fics involving everyone's favourite canine/lupine pairing ^^ Another favourite.

The Gifted - A classic by Roma. Sirius showers Remus with gifts. And Remus freaks. ^^ Sweet and beautiful.

Inheritance (The Wand) - From the same arc as The Gifted. Roma is one of my favourite authors of all time, and her fics are, as always, of a very high quality. Beautiful. In this one, remus receives his inheritance.

Even Bartenders Can Learn - The classic S/R seduction game, as seen through the eyes of one enthralled bartender. Very beautifully written. Makes you want to go home and hug a loved one straightaway. The love coming from it is that strong.

Returning The Gift - Also set in the same arc as The Gifted. This one has Remus doing payback. Beautiful as always. More Roma fics can be found at the Wolf Den.

The Visit - Harry comes over to stay. Remus and Sirius tries to keep their feelings in check. All in all a sweet, homey kind of fic.

Written by Hand - Wherein handwriting gets a whole new kind of treatment. Beautiful bittersweet story about sirius' love for remus. In writing.

Harry Potter: Harry/Draco

Subtle Nuances - Post-war fic. Harry and Draco are both Aurors undercover on a case. Draco has to dress as the -girl-. And it actually works. One of the rare fics where one of the guys becomes a girl and I don't run away screaming. Wonderfully written oneshot. R

Cold Feet - Harry gets cold feet on his wedding day. Humour, oneshot.

Dancing in The Dark - Harry can't get over the trauma of killing Voldemort. Draco helps him. R, violence.

Breakfast In Bed - Harry makes breakfast for Draco in bed. Waff and Fluff. R

First Christmas - Yet another fluffy oneshot. Christmassy and nice. ^^ R

Green Eyes - In which Harry gets incredibly jealous. R

The Children - Tragic post war oneshot. Draco thinks.

The Veela Enigma - Draco is a veela. Harry is his mate. Also includes a loving Lucius Malfoy and a very demented Voldemort. Part sap, part humour, part drama. Good reading. WIP, but down to the last chapters!!! So cannot wait. ^^

Dragon Tamer Uncensored: The Naughty Version - Desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Draco gets Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend. An epic romantic farce with singing, snogging, snuggling, snarky boys, shagging, secrets, sex-gods, and a bunny named Draco Lucius Malfoy the Third.

Freudian Slip - Hilarious oneshot wherein Draco and Harry keep making freudian slips. XD

Gryffindor Seduction 101 - Charming, crafty Slytherin Blaise Zabini has a dating policy: he only dates Gryffindors. Now he's plotting to seduce Gryffindor Extraordinaire Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy is NOT happy. Cute ^^

Detention with Professor Malfoy - HOT sex. ^^;;; Draco as the Prof, Harry as the misbehaving *koff*student*koff* R, oneshot.

A Thousand Beautiful Things - A CLASSIC. Wonderful classic. The one fic that made me almost switch camps and become a Harry/Draco shipper. And you're talking about an abosolutely stubborn Sirius/Remus shipper here. This epic had me crying and laughing and thinking all at the same time. Beautiful. Draco is so human here you can't even begin to hate him. Follow ups to this epic can be found in her archive.

The Waters of March - Draco is trapped in his mind, and locked in St. Mungos. Harry is coping with guilt and loss. And therein they both find their salvation. Another beautiful piece by the goddess that wrote A Thousand Beautiful Things.

Transfiguration - Harry and Draco are both called back to Hogwarts postwar to remove some curses. Things happen, as usual. ^^

Irresistable Poison - Draco accidently takes a love potion. And Harry becomes his target. Unlike most love potion stories, this one is dark, angsty, and tugs at your heartstrings at every turn. The pain harry and draco feel is so strong, you can't help but drown in it. Beautiful story. Must-read classic.

A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished - Draco is a veela, harry is his mate. Draco also has 17 names. On crack, and incredibly funny XD. Oneshot.

Second Chances - Draco is a father here. And you can't hate him. Not a jot. He's too wonderful. Too loving. And this fic is too perfect. Read it.

Rosesanguina's H/D Recs - Where i found most of my loot. She has put up alot more recs, though I've only added those I've read O_o Go look when you exhaust the list I've written. ^^ She has impeccable taste.


The Owner's Guides - Incredibly hilarious, right up there together with Casandra Claire's secret diaries. This page directs you to the entire collection, of which my favourite is the Legolas manual. *lol*


I, Moondance - Story inspired by Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage series. Attempts to fill in the blanks on Starwind and Moondance's story. WIP

It's A Kind Of Magic - HP/Good Omens crossover. One of the best crossover fics ever, and she actually manages to make it convincing. Young Adam, having read the famed Harry Potter series, has decided to create the fandom, after all. ^_^ WIP

Daegar's Good Omens Fanfiction Archive - as the name says. Daegar's fics are so good I'm reccing the entire archive. Every single one of them is fantastic. She's a fantastic writer with a knack of placing Arizaphale and Crowley in interesting historical settings. Not all are slash, and some just tell a damn good story. A must visit ^^

The Color of its Countries - a fic on Sandman's Destiny falling in love. Beautiful writing. Tragic stuff. But fantastic!

Yuki and the Art of Writing - Gravitation fic. Yuki tries to write a story. -Try- being the key word here. Hilarious. XD

Join The Battle - Pirates of The Carribbean fic. Wherein Jack decides to make dinner for Will. With dire consequences. XDXD

Sakura - Yami no Matsuei Oriya/Muraki fic. Appropriately twisted, dark yet beautiful epic.

Leareth's Fanfiction Archive - The BEST Tatsumi/Tsuzuki fic writer in the Yami no Matsuei fandom. Read all the fics. They are fantastic.

Fruits Basket

Of Gifts and Giving - Haru/Kyou. I like this pairing. You've got the cat with the attitude problem, and the cow who doesn't know -how- to give up. ^^ Cute V-day fluff. Highly recommended, and, judging by the scarcity of furuba fics around, one of the best. ^^

Somewhere In Between - Haru/Kyou again. Fantastic. Did I mention Triste is my favourite furuba fic writer? Unfortunately discontinued. But it was good while it lasted. *sigh* The characterisation is perfect. And, for once, the english is decent. *rolls eyes* you don't know how long it took me to find a well-written furuba fic. O_o

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