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This is beyond hilarious. Seriously. I come back for 2 short weeks to attend two weddings. With lots of crazy back-to-back meetups with dear friends in between. The day I and PL finally met, just had to be the day I meet Gackt. Of all people *headdesks* Resulting from a series of random uneventful decisions we made, no less. *facepalms*

PL's much funnier and detailed account can be found here.

So it all started 4 mths back with pl and I finally fixing a date to meetup when i get back. This was supposed to be a huuuuuge karaoke session combined with much DBSK fangirling. And general catching up, as all good friends do.

The kbox session had to be vetoed as dear me had this horrid sore throat. so PL suggests we go to town for Curry Omu Rice @ Mr. Curry, which was AWESOME. Then I suggested we go to Far East because I wanted to browse the korean clothes shops over there. PL agrees, and we drop by isetan to look for Alanna and pass her stuff. ON the way we stop by the okinawan drum performance (which apparently gackt was watching but we didn't see him). Then we wandered off to find Alanna and pass her stuff. Up to this point, your nice, mundane girls' day out. Normal, boring, singaporean.

Alanna just had to be not-around at that point, so we kinda loitered around the jewellery section (as yours truly is a sucker for earrings). Finally we got bored enough we decided to head off towards far east. So we were walking past the escalator, and pl was in front. I think (and my memory at this point is hazy) that pl muttered to me something about bunch of guys on left that were japanese and kinda hot. So i kinda just glanced and was about to walk off. Then somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind something about that hot guy with the sunglases and bleached hair clicked. And i quickly turned around to double check. At that point I was like, *OMG is that gackt or am i dreaming* and quickly elbowed PL hard and hissed "PL, behind me. Is it gackt. I'm serious!!!! (because this is singapore and Gackts dont' just pop out of thin air)". PL glanced back and stared at me. "Omg. Eh. Really. It is him". And at this point we were in a bit of a detached shock. Behind us Gackt and his minders had kinda stopped behind us. I think Gackt noticed we recognized him. LOL So they were kinda standing there and figuring out where to go next.

I pretty much at that point dragged pl to a corner and we both frantically started digging in our bags to look for paper for autographs. We had pens. We had everything else in our bags. BUT NO PAPER. And, this is the sad part:- I had a brand new DBSK Prague photobook and a very precious Yunho postcard in my bag. BUT NO PAPER. *facepalms* Utter phail. We meet gackt and I'm holding precious DBSK merchandise. =_= Three years back it would've been a high chance that if I meet PL, i would be carrying a jrock magazine. But now. Nooooo. DBSK merchandise. *head-desks* And obviously I'm not going to ask him sign those, cos 1) paiseh 2) er, I want DBSK to sign that!!!! LOL

At this point, we stared at each other in despair. Then I suggested we ask gackt for a photo. So we run after the group who were leaving. I think i managed a strangled 'Sumimasen' to his back, and then I had to count on PL to soldier on cos my mind was goo. The conversation was really pretty funny:

PL: Sumimasen, Gackt-san desu ka? 
Me: *manages to not say Gackt-sama and totally embarrass myself, and just smiles*
PL: *manages some broken japanese to ask for a photo, and kinda tapers off when she forgets the words - because a full on gackt stare is kinda like mind-killer*

At this point his manager kinda starts waving her hands and saying no. So we were kinda disappointed, and tryjng to figure out what next to say. I was trying to frantically remember a gackt song, which obviously can't happen because my mind was full of dbsk. *facepalms* PL was silent and uhmming because, well, she was never a fan, and what do you say to someone you never really like anyway? Then i think Gackt took pity on us, and this was when it got really funny:

Gackt: 你们是新加坡人吗?
Us: *blinks. uh, did he just speak chinese to us?!!!!!!*
PL: *recovers quickly* Uh....对对!我们是新加坡人!
Me: *manages to parrot PL, but brain is still kinda processing* Hai.... (obviously i'm confused cos he's japanese and i'm in japanese mode but i'm hearing chinese!!!!)

*awkward silence* (thinking back I think Gackt might be desperately trying to remember his chinese XD)

Gackt: *gesticulates and points at the floor* 你们住在这里吗?
PL: *blinks* uh....是!是!我们住在这里!
Me: *blinks* ?!!!??????!  (omg his voice is like silk., *dies*)

*classic awkward Gackt silence*

PL: 欢迎你来到新加坡! (when in doubt, do the classic singapore tourist spiel)

Gackt then did this really hot (OMG) smile and stretched out a hand to shake ours. I was just like. Staring at the hand. And then I shook it. First thing i thought was 'OMG his skin damn nice.'. Second thought was 'OMG HE JUST SHOOK MY HAND!!!'

Then he said something language and waved and then we bowed alot and left. Then we went to a corner to squee. We were rather...unstable. I was screaming in the phone at my friend, as was PL. LOL Both of us were just in shock. Because random HUGE jrock stars don' t just drop from the sky right in front of you, and speak mandarin, and then shake your hands. O.M.G.

The sad part is we weren't even true fans. PL never liked him after Malice Mizer. And I was a fan up until he started writing songs that had super weird tunes. Super sad part is we had DBSK merchandise. Super super super sad part is, well... it wasn't DBSK. *facepalms* LOL Then again if dbsk materialized in front of me... if I was already this phail in front of gackt, I think with dbsk in front, and no coherent pl to save me (i'm assuming she'd be goo just seeing jae), it'd be rather hopeless. 

I'm still in awe at how calm PL was. LOLOLOL I think i pretty much did what one is NOT supposed to do when you meet someone you like or used to like. LOLOL Omg. Gackt. OMG.

My luck. Is like, so weird. O_O Now all this weird luck needs to be channeled to me meeting changmin/yunho in the face. Then i can die happy *_*
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