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Watched X-Men First Class the other day. I think i squeed from the moment the movie started, right till the very end. My wee fangirl heart was having serious trouble trying to come to terms with McAvoy's charm and Fassbender's hotness. *dead* Also. The slash. <3 <3 <3

Fangirling aside, that was an excellent movie, and definitely my favourite movie in the X-Men franchise. It had the right amount of fun to it. It wasn't all serious, and was jsut the right amount of cheesy and 60s-esque, which really reminded me of the reason why I loved x-men in the first place - the cartoons. The costumes were spot on!

McAvoy was extremely adorable/funny as a Xavier with hair. He was SOCUTESOCUTESOCUTE. Also, the fail genome pick-up lines made me LOL. And Fassbender. Oh god. I hope he really becomes the next James Bond because he was totally badass here. What with the bespoke suits, and that nice arse, and he speaks german and french oh god. Together, they are unrivaled in this movie. The chemistry was awesome. And the slash implications infinitely better because of just how good the acting was. I'm so in love.

So yes, Charles/Erik aka McFassy has just overtaken Inception's Arthur/Eames as my new OTP. And look, i have the exponentially growing fic rec list to show for it. Although it is rather frustrating that all the good fics are WIPs now *facepalms*

On other things, um, Tom Hiddleston is rather adorable as Loki. Superbly pointy and evil. I like. <3 One more guy to my increasingly british harem =D

Oh, and new layout. Because I've left the dbsk fandom for so long there's no longer any point in keeping the header pic. Unfortunately my photoshop stopped working so I couldn't make a proper header pic and matching color combi. Forgive the rather crude mashup of layouts. =D
Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:32 am

New Layout!

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Finally got down and did it!!!! Tada~~~ my new layout. LOL. Okay technically I only really made all the graphics (header pic, matching icon, and profile pic), but still. Took awhile, since LJ layout codes are a bit of a pain in general O_o

Profile and layout coding cred goes to the amazing [ profile] fruitstyle .

Picture taken from Bonjour Paris because I love that photoshoot, and hey, it's Homin <3

Please check out my profile too! I changed it out. Clicky.

Do let me know what you think =) =) =)

I do have another homin and changmin header in the works. If no one wants it i'll be releasing them to [ profile] deep_install  in a few days. Now on to [ profile] bonedoll 's jaejoong layout *stressed* 
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To fuel my yunho obsession, I gacked a layout from [ profile] the_candy_box for my enjoyment =) Plan to change it to something better eventually, but for now i'm too lazy.

Just finished my first LJ layout over at the new graphics comm [ profile] bonedoll and I are starting on. It's called [ profile] deep_install. Please join? =)
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so, after listening to mayday's new album for...more times than i can count, this is the result. Having gushed about dear Ashin so often, I figured it's time I gave him his rightful place in my blogging hall of fame. ^___^ Besides, this picture has been loitering around in my HD for awhile, and I only just got the inspiration. Love his look here...and the lace tie =)

For now, please ignore those itty bitty problems, they will be fixed soon. hehe. Review of mayday album coming soon too! Comments onegai?
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