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Not to spoiler anything. Just had to come and say. Inception is the most freaking brillant mindfuck of a movie ever. It beats sixth sense hands down in mindfucking.

The premise blows your mind. And three hours after that, while discussing the finer points of the movie with a friend, we're still getting mindfucked by all the intricacies. So much so that i need to rewatch it. Because that ending just. Well. I need to rewatch to figure out exactly what that ending is. O.M.G.

best movie of 2010 so far. Best sci-fi movie ever, seriously. I love it to bits.

Cast and acting was brillant. And Joseph Gordon Levitt is so cute! He's kinda geeky and yet he gets all these cool action scenes. Pretty amazing scenes when Christopher Nolan says that the computer animation was minimal and most of the stuff in the movie was done by elaborate stage sets. O_O

Oh and my favourite out-of-pont-but-funny scene:
"People are looking! What do we do?"
-"Kiss me"
"Er. People are still looking."
-"well, it was worth a try anyway"

*squees and dies* cute cute scene. And no that probably won't spoiler anything =) 

a more proper movie review to come when i've watched it the second time, and most of the pple on this flist have seen it XD
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So for the past three weeks I kinda went overboard with the movie-watching, the result being 8 movies back to back over that period. LOL I couldn't help it! There was an insane number of movies I wanted to watch during the december/january period! So here's just some short reviews for the movies, in case anyone's interested.

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Sep. 13th, 2009 02:32 pm

Review: 9

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9 - Directed by Shane Acker, produced by Tim Burton and Tim Bekmambetov (Wanted)

Is awesome. Seriously awesome. 1hr 19 min of wonderfully cheoreographed action scenes (nothing less from Bekmambetov), and quirky yet beautiful imagery. Plot started out strong, though I was a little dubious about the mildly spiritual ending, and the slightly dodgy scientific theory. Otherwise, i really enjoyed it. And yes I cried. And I almost want to watch it again.

The animation was very well crafted - each character has small mannerisms and quirks that conveyed their personalities so well. I particularly liked the twins. So CUTE. You'll see when you watch the movie. And 1's eyes. I LOVE how they did the eyes with the sliding metal. So much emotion with just moving metal sheets.

Soundtrack by Danny Elfman was, as usual, beyond reproach. Brought along the movie very very well. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Trailer here:
Love that heavy rock soundtrack playing in the background. And i promise the show is much more than just good action.

And i really want a keychain of 9 or 7 or the twins. Full sack-person keychain. Will be soo cute. <3

after that we tried watching All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock. Do not watch. I repeat. Do Not Watch. Was a stupid movie. It started out as a romantic comedy - smart, yet annoying girl falls in love with guy at first sight, and jumps him. Guy freaks out cos he thinks she's a psycho and runs away. Girl follows him EVERY WHERE and bugs the hell out of him. Guy kinda changes his mind about her being a psycho. Guy + Girl decide this isn't working and say byebye. Movie ends. 
Me: WTF. I feel cheated.

And yes if you were wondering how the movie got from one point to another, I have no idea either. I actually thought, in the end, it would've been better if they decided on the romantic comedy route. Predictable but at least, hey, it didn't make you feel annoyed. This was someone trying to be smart and going, let's make a romantic comedy with a non-ending. O_o Complete waste of time.

Spoilers under cut )

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Just a quickie review - finally watched it today, fully knowing how bad it was going to be. But I watched it anyway because I'm a hardcore Gambit fangirl and I had to see my fave character FINALLY come to life.

Was rather disappointed though, cos he didn't get much screen time. We had more of Ryan Reynold's Deadpool, which is okay, but still. Not. Gambit. *grrr* Though the scene where he appeared is damn hot. The card throwing and general stick spinning. Coolness. Also kinda hot =)

Rather gory at parts, i couldn't really watch Wolverine get the adamantium fused to his bone. Also couldn't watch deadpool's modified appearance. Damn sick. Also wonder if alot of the scenes were necessary, and I hated how they deviated from the story in Wolverine: Origin.

On other things, i was extremely surprised to see Daniel Henney in the starting credits! To those who don't know, he's a really famous korean actor. Okay he's half british and half korean/american. LOL. Hot guy. Also the doctor in My Lovely Sam Soon. I didn't know he was going to be in the show! As snarky Agent Zero, no less. *happy* For once he's the bad guy. LOL

And here's a picture, just so you guys know what I'm talking about:

in general, not the great X MEn movie i was hoping for - it was jsut pure action, hardly any character development. *sigh* Marvel comic characters are supposed to be multi-faceted characters!!! Not two dimensional action heros with single-minded targets. That's a DC deal!!!

Looking forward to Angels and Demons next week. And The Soloist. And the french movie, Should I Kiss You.
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(cross posted from blogger...)

Finally getting off my ass to write a review after I've watched the movie for the second time *sheepish grin* It was way too awesome to watch only once... =)

Spoiler free review: I am of the opinion that truly good book-to-movie adaptations have to be done by hardcore fans. The way i see it, the spectrum is such: On the left (best), we have Lord of The Rings. On the extreme right (worst), there is trashy stuff like Eragon. And then Narnia and Stardust, to name a few, are far left, but just a little less of awesome than LOTR. LOL. Narnia fans will love this movie - It's as good as the book and better, as Andrew Adamson adds his own interpretation, nuances, and passion into the movie. Stellar cast, excellent movie score, and Ben Barnes, William Moseley, and Skandar Keynes *__* (okay, anna popplewell is gorgeous too, lucky girl. =))

You can listen to the score over here:

More importantly, the two theme songs for the movie, which were BEAUTIFUL.
1. Regina Spektor's The Call: Gorgeous lyrics, and beautiful tune. I like how it ties in wonderfully to all the Narnia books.

2. Switchfoot's This Is Home: I'm usually not a fan of switchfoot stuff, but for once, this is a gorgeously arranged song. I especially love the second stanza part where the harmony comes in. Excellent arrangement. The MTV also has scenes of the movie =)


And cos I suck at spoiler free reviews, here's the proper FULL review =)

On the whole a pretty tight plot. It was an excellent adaptation of the book! Though there were quite a few inconsistencies and extra bits, in general I think the whole thing worked out fine. Including the kiss. Though I admit that was mainly fanservice hehehehehe. The director's thought process was probably something like: I have a hot guy, and a hot girl, so I shall make them kiss!!!! =)

There were some overindulgences and slightly irrelevant scenes of course, such as the bear saying 'For Aslan' in a very wussy way. LOL. But in general, the overindulgences actually make fans happy so I'll not complain =) They even put in the torch scenes for Edmund!

Also, in general, a much more intense pace than the first one. Many moving and awe inspiring battle scenes, and lots more humour. Lots more conflict and fleshing out of characters than previously, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The bit in the front about how the Pevensies were having a hard time coming to terms with their double lives was very well done.

I'm sooo gonna rant forgive me in advance =)

Peter: I like how they added the whole 'I'm High King Peter, don't you dare f*** with me' thing. His arrogance and subsequent repentance was a nice way of giving Lewis' 2D characters depth. William Moseley did a very nice job here, his acting definitely improved. It of course did help that High King Peter really became -The Magnificent- indeed. ^__^/ Favorite line: "High King Peter The Magnificent, pleased to meet you." *stretches out hand for a handshake* *LOLOL*

Edmund: Oooh the boy lost his baby fat!!! I'm looking forward to Dawn Treader now since he's looking better and better and better.. hehe. Edmund didn't get as much screen time, though where he did appear usually involved really cool sword sequences, the torch, and hilarious snide remarks. Favourite line: "It's -KING- Edmund actually, not 'boy'. Peter is HIGH king, which can be a bit confusing, really" *cheeky grin at Miraz* XDXD

Caspian: *OMGOMGOMG* this guy has killer eyes *_* His accent was extremely well done. I'd been going around thinking Ben Barnes was spanish until I heard his interview. The guy has a normal british accent. I'm in awe as to how convincing his accent was. Of course, having been plucked out of being the lead of a stage play, his acting was impeccable. Loved how they made him always clash with Peter. That filled in the blanks of how two royals would probably not have become chummy so quickly. Oh will Dawn Treader come out like NOW.... *whine* Favorite line: "You're a...mouse!" (of which you will have to watch the movie to see how funny/cute it was =))

Susan and Lucy: They look prettier. It isn't fair. >.< Good acting, of course, and Anna Popplewell looks to be quite the leading lady. I loved the bit where susan said to caspian "Keep [the horn], you might need to call me" LOLOL. Some flirting going on, and Lucy finally had a scene where she could use her knife, although all she did was to display it at an entire friggin army and smile sweetly. Before Aslan came over and roared them to oblivion LOL

Reepicheep: Eddie Izzard took the character and did wonders with it! His version of reepicheep had an aristocratic flair, and was honor obsessed. Also very proud. I loved the subtle nuances in the voice, and his snarky one liners which totally stole the show. The mouse soooo cute! ^^/ Favourite line: "Yes we'll collect nuts and throw them at the enemy. Are you stupid?!!! Shut up!!" hahahahaha =)

Miraz and the Telmarine Court: All apparently famous spanish actors. I loved the intrigue and court scenes.

Gah. Totally gorgeous. My favourite has to be Caspian's castle - apparently a built to scale set in Prague.Absolutely gorgeous *_* And i loved the dark slovenian forests.

I really want lucy's dress >.< Very good costumes, as usual, with my favourite being their clothes in the last scene. Prince Caspian's getup was GORGEOUS ^_____^ Also loved the Telmarine armour with their metal masks. Reminded me of the Spanish Conquisidores (sp?). And Edmund looked good in his school uniform in the first scene.. haha.

Beautiful score!!! Listen above. Extremely moving, and tied very tightly to the actual movie, so at times, it is the music that brings you to where the director wants you. He used many electronic elements instead of a pure orchestra, which gave it alot more rhythm and oomph, i think. The last scene, where they used Regina Spektor's song, was a very beautiful and aptly done one. They couldn't have chosen a better song! I've pretty much heard the soundtrack on repeat for 3 whole days, so of the best in a long time.

Special FX: Bloody brillant! I preferred this version of Aslan. Apparently they changed studio. Very realistic. The centaurs, fauns, and satyrs were also better than last time, since they could finally do the running and talking scenes. My friend loved the last cool bit with the river god. That was a fantastic bit of CGI which looked so real and amazing I think most people were in awe.

[/end rant]

*drops dead* well, that was it. =) Go watch it!!! hehe
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