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So it's been awhile since I recced covers - I don't usually do this because I tend to be partial to the original since that is the truest delivery of the songwriter's original emotions.

That said, these are probably two of the best covers ever for a single song. The original is by Bob Dylan, who is a legend in his own right, and definitely has to take credit for writing an amazing song. You can hear the original here.

However. These two covers somehow transcend that original, and bring it to a very magical place. Perhaps it's the voice. Or the arrangement. But i love these to death.

The first is by Bryan Ferry - vocalist of Roxy Music. This reminds me of great love stories etched into the dark, endless velvety night sky.

The second is by Adele. Another amazing voice, but a very different take. Bryan Ferry's version tends to soar and evoke images of magic and mystery and quiet midnight beauty; while Adele's strips everything to a very bare, simple, honest emotion.

So, which do you prefer? Personally, I like to listen to Bryan Ferry's version before bed, and Adele's when i'm awake and chilling while reading a book. I identify with Adele's version more, but I always end up getting suckered/seduced/romanced by Bryan Ferry's voice. =)
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So for the past two days I've pretty much vegetated in front of my computer reading fic, reorganizing my music collection, and tinkering with my shiny new tumblr. Of course I also found the time to shop (and get extremely broke) on black friday *winces* That said I may have found the ultimate sweet spot for black friday shopping - one must hit the midnight madness at 4am, when the first wave of people leave, so you don't have the problem with parking or elbowing people for a spot at the queue, or standing in line after line just to pay/try clothes/get coffee.

On the flip side, that one bright idea has left me extremely broke, because once there's not enough of a crowd to tire me out, i go batshit crazy shopping =_=


Also, Take That has a new album. Yes, you heard right. Take That has a new album. D= And good ol' Robbie Williams is back with the boys!!!!! *does a happy dance*

Now you may be wondering why on earth i'm reccing a boyband (DBSK doesn't count XD). A very mature man-band to be precise, but still. It's pop. It's 90s stuff. It's a tad embarrassing to even mention one listens to them. (Though I guess admitting I used to really like Backstreet Boys is equally damning too). I never quite liked Take That in general. Always found it silly that Gary Barlow got to sing everything while the other four harmonized the chorus like very classy back-up singers. I was frankly glad when Robbie went solo - his Swing While You're Winning concert at the Albert Hall is still one of my all-time favourite live performances.

Imagine my surprise though, when i sampled the album. Progress is an extremely good album. Frankly, if I'd never seen the title, I would never have known that this was Take That. It doesn't sound like a boyband pop record at all. Rather it sounds like a mash-up of the best of british popular music. At times while listening it's almost uncanny, the artists and songs this album makes me recall. It's a little bit of Coldplay, a little Paolo Nutini, and that honesty that I tend to associate with the Beatles. All this peppered with a bit of Suede-esque glamour and Muse/Queen grandeur. 

When Robbie and Gary mesh their song writing together it produces a very addictive brand of pop. You have Gary's knack for emotional, beautiful tunes, coupled with Robbie's tendency to give everything that little edge to make it still relevant today. I love this album. I only hope Robbie sticks around long enough to make another. Gary Barlow is a really good song writer, but at times it tends to get boring, so I think it's a good thing Robbie's back to add that little spunk. =D

Here's the sampler for the entire album. My personal favourites are The Flood, Pretty Things (which sounds a little demented BUT SO BEAUTIFUL), and Wait (reminds me of a Suede song).

And here's a live performance of The Flood. I love the huge wall of sound this provides. Love it to bits. There's something about the big smile on Robbie's face that tugs at my heart. They all look so happy to be together again.

I've a new found appreciation for Take That's music now. They are so much better when the others sing lead too. Case in point being a beautiful acoustic version of Shine. I love Mark Owen's voice. This is from the first album after their reunion in 2006, minus Robbie. Very good song.

And lastly, the song about the rift between the two. As always, better live. I like the honesty in this song, and the tune.

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Just heard this on my ipod today while driving home, and was reminded about why I like the scissor sisters so much. They sound very... glam-pop, maybe? I like the sound, it reminds me of suede crossed with david bowie and with a bit of bee gees even. Slightly campy, but very fun, and incidentally excellent for jogging XD What makes them special to me is the HILARIOUS lyrics. Very snarky, flamboyant, and yes a little gay. But very fun to listen to.

I particularly like the tune and the lyrics of this song, Land of a Thousand Words. Very haunting. The mtv was also way cool, reminded me of those james bond trailers. Ta-Dah, the album this came from, by the way, is an excellent album.

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Was browsing through my youtube faves before bed, and thought i'd rec one of my current fave pop artists, kobukuro. They are a japanese band, made of two guys. The music tends to be mid tempo tunes or ballads, and generally characterized by a lot of harmony, which I am a sucker for (hence my corresponding love for dong bang shin ki because of their acapella XD). I usually listen to their songs when i'm need of some soothing, comforting music. As an introduction, i recommend their greatest hits album. Here's some of my faves:

1. Kimi to iu na tsubasa (fave song)

I love this song's amazing energy and tune. Never fails to make me perk up. Also love the harmony. One of their few fast songs.

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so it's almost christmas. houston is COLD. foggy, cloudy, and COLD. i'd really rather it snow or rain or something. This fog deal is so notcool. ^^;;;

need to get off my ass and change this layout into something more respectable that I actually made myself, so I don't appear like a crazy fangirl.

Putting up a list of todos here so I can scratch them off and feel accomplished later:

1. finish pl's jaejoong layout
2. finish my homin layout
3. make some wallpapers
4. complete homepage layout for the 13hourstolove collective.
5. reorganize my music collection
6. get the full mr children discography
7. finish downloading all the dbsk vids
8. reinstall my viruscan.
9. finish my fanfics

And here's mayday's quintissential xmas song:

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Was really depressed just now because all the tickets home are sold out and i'm forced to take a FORCED vacation due to the economy, and worse still, they're forcing me to spend it in houston. So i was depressed.

But this made me feel better:

omg so cute. and i love the acapella arrangement. <3 <3 <3
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Pimping some classic J-Pop to get my mind off the DBSK fiasco. Chances are you might have heard these before, back when you were a kid. At least I did. At least one has been re-sung in chinese too. =) Very very good songs, so please do give them a listen. Finally able to give names to them after DBSK did some covers. LOL

Sakura by Moriyama Naotarou. Love the voice, and the chorus especially is familiar. You'd know once you listen to it. Very soulful, very simple.

Rainy Blue by Hideaki Tokunaga. If you've been listening to chinese/canto pop when you were young, you will know this song. I believe Jacky Cheung did a cover. The original, though, with that wistful voice, is still my favourite. For eng subs, you have to watch the dbsk jaechun version here which is another type of beautiful.

True Love by Fumiya Fujii. Yet another classic. LOOOVE this song.

Comment if you'd like the mp3s. Or if you like the songs etc. =)
Oct. 17th, 2009 08:57 am

Song Meme

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Post up youtube vids of five songs in your music collection which have the same title but are sung by different artists. (i so totally made this up XD)

Title: Shine

1. The campy ghei that is Luna Sea. Sugizo's rather...divaesque performance is pretty memorable.

2. Take That's version. Embedding disabled, so please click here. Love the MV =)

3. Mr Big. Also the soundtrack for...i think it was Helsing. There was vampires or something. 

4. L'arc En Ciel. I'm starting to hear some similarities between the songs... (Also, really love this PV and song)

5. Last but not least, the DBSK version. XDXDXDXDXD SOOOO CUTE! <3

Its really rather interesting how they all have the same general key tones even they're all wholly different styles. =) INteresting meme XDXD. Tagging PL, the only person that still reads this blog... XD And anyone else who might wanna do this XD

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1. As a child, what music did you always hear playing in the background?
Hm. Beatles. Anything beatles. In particular, Hey Jude, Yesterday, and When I'm 64.

2. What was the first cassette you ever bought?
First CD i assume LOLOL. *thinks* I think it was this tacky Now4 english pop compilation. Either that or Backstreet boys' 2nd album *LOLOL*

3. What was the first song you memorised all the lyrics to; and quick, tell me the words of the first verse.
the first song i memorized will obviously be the first song i forget too O_o But uh. I'll try. Right. *thinks* Hey Jude - beatles =) "Hey jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song, and make it better..."

4. The soundtrack of a) your first crush; b) your first big heartbreak
a) Haha. Er. Backstreet boys' 2nd album. Throw in Glay... and oh oh, the Slamdunk OST (don't ask, long story). And the first crush i'm talking about uh, wasn't exactly real. LOL
b) ooh heartbreak. So many songs from so many different people! off the top of my head, X Japan, Glay, Mayday, some Dir En Grey for the pissed-off moments, James Blunt, and Mika's Any Other World and Happy Ending.

5. The song that makes you a) want to fall in love; b) rage against the machine
a) tough one. too many. Jason Mraz' I'm Yours i guess. At the moment. Ther'es alot more scattered around =)
b) DEG's Berry. with lyrics like 'i want to take your brain and make raspberry jam' LOLOL Well that was when i was a teen. Nowadays....maybe somethign from MUSE.

6. Which song can you listen to on repeat forever and never get tired of?
Hahahahaha. Er. Everything in my favourites list? =) I always get tired of things eventually. LIke after 1 week of repeated playing of one song. The last one i did that on was DBSK's stand by u.

7. ‘Fess up, which is the most embarassing album you own?
SPEED's debut album (japanese girly girl band). If it helps after i bought that. 2 weeks later i bought larc en ciel, glay, and luna sea albums, and kinda trashed this one to the deepest depths of my cupboards =)

8. Which singers/musicians will you insist on introducing to your kids, at the risk of being called fuddy-duddy?
Glay, Beatles, Elton John, Jacky Cheung.

9. The song that defines ’sexy’ for you
Actually it's not Checkmate. It's Mirotic. XD
Watch this vid for the english translation and the video that defines it for me. Hot. Oh and Wrong Number. I like it when guys are a little bad... =)

10. Which singers/musicians would you most want to have over to dinner, and why?
Ashin from Mayday. I'd like to ask him about his artistic vision.  And yes, the bimbotic answer would be DBSK. Cos it will be beyond awesome. XD

11. What song never fails to get you on the dance floor, even if you have two left feet?
Hm. Okay i surrender. DBSK's purple line XD

12. Favourite music video
OOOOH. Er. HARD QUESTION. Okay. Glay's Soul Love. Watch here.

13. Favourite song in a language you don’t speak
Hm. Since i'm learning japanese right it'd have to be something cruel to make me choose one T_T Uh. DBSK's You're My Miracle... for now. =) I keep changing my mind!

14. What song is currently in your head? Like, right now.
No song. Random speech nuggets from Anthony Bourdain, interlaced with some thai background music. Because that's what showing on TV now. =) anthony bourdain = <3

15. The song you want to hear played/sung at your funeral (not that you would be around to hear it, but still…)
Leaving On A Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk

hard meme, but interesting =) i tag en to do this LOL =)

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This is the post-that-started-as-a-meme which ended up becoming a post-to-pimp-comforting-music. Was in a funk the past few days because of too much work, too tight deadlines, and, to top it off, -that- time of the month. *sighs* Which resulted in me listening to said playlist on loop. And then PL suggested I pimp it so here you go. Alot of these songs are old. Some have memories, while others just somehow paint pretty pictures in my head. I've tried to describe it, but for some reason it ended up like some weird songfic with no characters. Lyrics aren't the main point here. The main point is the tune and emotion. And the fact that it calms and encourages me at the same time.

Twenty-three songs. I hope you like it. Comments on the music will be very very very very nice, since this blog is really quiet... will be nice to know that the audience is more than just three people. =)

The zip with all the music is here: Part 1 + Part 2.

And on to the recs... )
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Currently playing this song to death, and the best part is it's not even released yet *sheepish grin*

but before you guys start complaining about my single-minded obsession, i have to point out jsut how BEAUTIFUL this song is. Firstly, the lyrics. The way it's written, and how close to heart it is, makes me feel very...understood. Then the harmony - very lush, kinda goes into your brain and gives you this comfortable rush. The tune, especially is -exquisite-. And of course the guys are really cute here *heh*

The piano transcription by keudae is also very beautiful:

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Yet another DBSK post - mainly because i just saw TBS' Mirotic concert preview. And it's amazing. The music is good, the dances are OMG SO HOT, and they were pitch perfect in the slow songs O_O I just kept moving closer and closer to the screen... LOL I can't wait for the actual dvd to be out T_T

Also because i just revamped all my icons, so I wanted to show a new one. *points to icon* *dies laughing* Check out my icon set here. I put up some really funny stuff *dies* I love the dbsk boys to BITS *squee*

Posting up this vid out of cut because the singing is AMAZING. Must watch!

Love In The Ice + Don't Say Goodbye - watch this if you skip everything else. BEAUTIFUL pitch-perfect, live performance. And such beautiful songs. Don't say goodbye, especially. Beautiful.

Here's some of my other faves in the concert:

Clicky for more vids.. )
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something simple for now...

1. Reply to this post and I’ll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

PL gave me the letter M, so here goes, in youtube form. To make this a little more interesting, I've tried to post stuff I don't usually talk about.. =)

My Way by Robbie Williams (live at the Albert Hall)
I've always loved this song, but Robbie's version is perhaps my favourite rendition. This performance shows why he's such a good singer, and an excellent performer. If you can, watch the whole Albert Hall performance on youtube. Esp. I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen and Mr Bojangles. It's excellent. Now if only I can get hold of the dvd...sigh...

mmmbop by hanson
for some old school bubblegum pop fun.. =) (and along the same line there's Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffats)

My Dark Star by Suede
One of the best songs from Suede, during the height of their british glam-pop reign

My Iron Lung by Radiohead

Back when Radiohead was still a band which sang -tunes- and not sounds... One of my faves. I would've posted the MTV live performance, which IMO is the best, but that one has the front cut off, so putting this one too so you can appreciate the front.. =)

Mr. Brightside by The Killers
For some reason I really love this MTV, for its faux glitter and posturing

And there you have it, five songs. In retrospect not much different but hope you liked the variety somewhat =) And as a bonus, here's My Interpretation by Mika =)
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i rather love music memes, probably because music is something that is so close to my heart... found this one off the internet. THe only problem is trying to factor in the song titles with asian characters....

Here’s a music meme to reflect how eclectic your music collection might be. I call it Alphabet Song. Put your music library in alphabetical order by song, then take the first song for each letter of the alphabet. No repeat artists. Tag five people then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.

nb. leaving out those titles with japanese/chinese characters, and those with weird character starters. Also taking out the classical music, else i'm going to have all those B flat majors and A flat minors in my quiz... ^^;;; (i tried. B, C, D, E were all chopin ^^;;;)

A - A Bad Dream - Keane
B - B.G.B. (boogin' groovin' boogie) - V6
C - C U When U Get There - Coolio
D - D Is For Dangerous - Arctic Monkeys
E - Early Summer - Yu Takami (Hanakim OST)
F - F -Germ- - JILS
G - G. Luna Sea
H - H1 Grand Prix - Cat In The Red Boots OST
I - I <3 NY - Nevermind (Glay alter-ego)
J - J.E. 1960 - Ryuichi Kawamura
K - Ka - UN
L - L.S.F. - Mark Ronson feat. The Dapthane Horns
M - Ma Cherie - Malice Mizer
N - Na Jiu Zhe Yang Ba (i.e. let's let it be)- Power Station
O - O Holy Night - Josh Groban
P - P.A.F. feat pata - X Japan
Q - Q - Sugizo
R - Rabbit Band - Mirrormask OST
S - 'S Wonderful - Ella Fitzgerald
T - T.T. Groove - Hide
U - U + Ur Hand - PINK
V - Vacant - Dream Theatre
W - W.S.D - Suede
X - X&Y - Coldplay
Y - Ya Never Know - Googoo Dolls
Z - Zenbu Dakishimete - The Kinki Kids
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an even more hilarious meme, gacked from dearest en. Do read her answers, because she got some really hilarious ones. On a wet xmas eve, the best thing to do is stay at home and do silly music memes =) Skipping the classical and non english song titles for this one. =)

1. Put your iTunes/Napster/Zune Player/WinAmp/etc on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 or more friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got it from.

Way To Fall - Starsailor

Antichrist Television Blues - Arcade Fire
- er. I think it means I'm non religious, moody, and have a penchant for drama. =)

Run To Me - The Beegees

More Than Words Can Say - Alias
- haha. i guess the current lack of things happening is indescribable

Super Drive - Gravitation
- HAHAHAHA. Per the song, i think i'm on some form of helium and steroids..

Filmstar - Suede
- *preens*

All I Have - AJ Croce
- that's rather flattering =)

Will You Still Love Me - Chicago

Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake
- O_O i didnt' even know i had this song. that's what happens when you have 60 gb of music... hahaha. But damn right. haha.

WHAT IS 2+2?
Clear Spot - The Pernice Brothers
- i think it's trying to say 2+2 = 0. LOL

WINDOW - Pierrot
- window to my soul, maybe? lol

When It's Over - Sugar Ray
- i think my outlook on love is rather bleak at the moment lol

Checkin' In - AJ Croce
- i is flummoxed. O_o

The White Tree - Howard Shore
- erk. that's, that's...not even a human!!!!!

Ashes To Ashes - David Bowie.
- the song says not to play with major tom. That and the fact it's david bowie disturbs me.

Gipsy - Lareine
- i.e. they think i'm a hopeless mess with no real aim. LOL

Split Me Wide Open - The Bravery
- i can't decide if this is something kinky or something brutal. lol

I'm Yours (Nightmare Mix) - Glay
- Suitably freaky, i think. lol Could wake the dead

When I Return - The Feeling
- that doesn't answer the question!!!!

Interlude - Muse

SHINE - L'arc En Ciel
- maybe my winamp likes to answer in opposites.. love this song, btw

Really Good Time, A - Roxy Music

Any Other Way - Backstreet Boys
- *embarrassed*

Someday - FAKE

Celebration - Ina+Pata+heath
- I swear i'm not that ridiculously emotional haha

Living Inside Your Love - Earl Klugh
- what is this song?!! *puzzled*

Pressing On - John Doe

Miz'erable - Gackt
- =_=;;;;


I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You - Bon Jovi

Honey - L'arc En Ciel
Dec. 5th, 2008 08:09 pm

Lyric Meme

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From pl...

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

English only, since I can't translate japanese..

Oh, this is the start of something good

You belong among the wild flowers
Oh where oh were could my baby be

Come on and take a walk outside
Never think to ever look around
Well let me tell you something let me tell you so
To lead a better life I need my love to be here...

Something in the way she moves
I think I'm drowning
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
I would like to visit you for a while

Hey, what's the big idea?

Beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
When the world leaves you feeling blue
I walked across an empty land

Now Vince was a lovable stoner

this is the last time
I get home from work and you're still standing in your dressing gown
It's nine o'clock on a Saturday
I'm shaking and aching and talking to the sky

Babydoll do you believe they'll catch you when you fall

1. Suede - Beautiful Loser
2. Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
3. Hyde - Hideaway (well, the first line was in english so.... ^^)
4. The Pernice Brothers - Overcome by Happiness
5. The Fratellis - Acid Jazz Singer
6. The Beatles - Here, There, and Everywhere
7. The Beatles - Something
8. Muse - Time Is Running Out
9. The Beatles - Yesterday
10. Savage Garden - I Don't Know You Anymore
11. Mika - Lollipop
12. James Blunt - High
13. SClub-7 - Reach
14. Keane - Somewhere only we know
15. The Fratellis - Vince the Loveable Stoner
16. Dishwalla - Angels or Devils
17. Radiohead - Black Star
18. Billy Joel - Pianoman
19. Tears - Beautiful Pain
20. The Fratellis - Babydoll
21. Gavin DeGraw - Follow Through

There you go...I indented where i thought it made sense. surprisingly coherent lyrics LOL Very cool =) En-en, i chooooose youuuuu!!! (to do this meme =)) Starlighter too =)


Here's the chinese version, because i was curious - it's kinda weird, but aurally pleasing. lol. I also realised i have more japanese + english songs than chinese songs in my 8gb ipod playlist ^^;;;;

我能想像 远方的路旁

一盏黄黄旧旧的灯 时间在旁闷不吭声
有一天 我在想 我到底算是个什么东西
放肆的尽情挥霍 -> like how this matches the one before
问你问我问他 到底谁对谁错
Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table
你又想起某個夏天 熱鬧海岸線
Lydia 迷离的眼眶
在距离三公里的位置 我在这里
我突然觉得有点怕 爱跟生活的一切

1. 回到过去 - jay chou
2. 人生海海 - mayday
3. happy birth day - ashin
4. 适应 - milubing
5. 寂寞邊界 - nicholas teo
6. 牙关 - mayday
7. 我在哭 - jam hsiao
8. 男人不该让女人流泪 - william so
9。 听不到 - mayday
10. Blues - jam hsiao
11. superwoman - gary cao
12. 少年 - gary cao + guang liang
12. 情非得以 - harlem yu
13. 突然累了 - JJ Lin
14. 天亮说晚安 - daniel chan
15. 不能说的秘密 - jay chou
16. Lydia - FIR
17. 出路 - power station
18. 距离 - jj lin
19. 简简单单 - jj lin
20. 害怕 - jj lin
21. 收藏 - jam hsiao
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The Killers - Human

Just saw this via BBC's very updated music feed. Specially reccing it because a)it's the killers' new song!!! b)bloody gorgeous stage there. Perhaps the most creative one i've seen in a long time. c)it's friday night and i'm entitled to my youtube indulgences ^^/

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(cross posted from blogger...)

Finally getting off my ass to write a review after I've watched the movie for the second time *sheepish grin* It was way too awesome to watch only once... =)

Spoiler free review: I am of the opinion that truly good book-to-movie adaptations have to be done by hardcore fans. The way i see it, the spectrum is such: On the left (best), we have Lord of The Rings. On the extreme right (worst), there is trashy stuff like Eragon. And then Narnia and Stardust, to name a few, are far left, but just a little less of awesome than LOTR. LOL. Narnia fans will love this movie - It's as good as the book and better, as Andrew Adamson adds his own interpretation, nuances, and passion into the movie. Stellar cast, excellent movie score, and Ben Barnes, William Moseley, and Skandar Keynes *__* (okay, anna popplewell is gorgeous too, lucky girl. =))

You can listen to the score over here:

More importantly, the two theme songs for the movie, which were BEAUTIFUL.
1. Regina Spektor's The Call: Gorgeous lyrics, and beautiful tune. I like how it ties in wonderfully to all the Narnia books.

2. Switchfoot's This Is Home: I'm usually not a fan of switchfoot stuff, but for once, this is a gorgeously arranged song. I especially love the second stanza part where the harmony comes in. Excellent arrangement. The MTV also has scenes of the movie =)


And cos I suck at spoiler free reviews, here's the proper FULL review =)

On the whole a pretty tight plot. It was an excellent adaptation of the book! Though there were quite a few inconsistencies and extra bits, in general I think the whole thing worked out fine. Including the kiss. Though I admit that was mainly fanservice hehehehehe. The director's thought process was probably something like: I have a hot guy, and a hot girl, so I shall make them kiss!!!! =)

There were some overindulgences and slightly irrelevant scenes of course, such as the bear saying 'For Aslan' in a very wussy way. LOL. But in general, the overindulgences actually make fans happy so I'll not complain =) They even put in the torch scenes for Edmund!

Also, in general, a much more intense pace than the first one. Many moving and awe inspiring battle scenes, and lots more humour. Lots more conflict and fleshing out of characters than previously, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The bit in the front about how the Pevensies were having a hard time coming to terms with their double lives was very well done.

I'm sooo gonna rant forgive me in advance =)

Peter: I like how they added the whole 'I'm High King Peter, don't you dare f*** with me' thing. His arrogance and subsequent repentance was a nice way of giving Lewis' 2D characters depth. William Moseley did a very nice job here, his acting definitely improved. It of course did help that High King Peter really became -The Magnificent- indeed. ^__^/ Favorite line: "High King Peter The Magnificent, pleased to meet you." *stretches out hand for a handshake* *LOLOL*

Edmund: Oooh the boy lost his baby fat!!! I'm looking forward to Dawn Treader now since he's looking better and better and better.. hehe. Edmund didn't get as much screen time, though where he did appear usually involved really cool sword sequences, the torch, and hilarious snide remarks. Favourite line: "It's -KING- Edmund actually, not 'boy'. Peter is HIGH king, which can be a bit confusing, really" *cheeky grin at Miraz* XDXD

Caspian: *OMGOMGOMG* this guy has killer eyes *_* His accent was extremely well done. I'd been going around thinking Ben Barnes was spanish until I heard his interview. The guy has a normal british accent. I'm in awe as to how convincing his accent was. Of course, having been plucked out of being the lead of a stage play, his acting was impeccable. Loved how they made him always clash with Peter. That filled in the blanks of how two royals would probably not have become chummy so quickly. Oh will Dawn Treader come out like NOW.... *whine* Favorite line: "You're a...mouse!" (of which you will have to watch the movie to see how funny/cute it was =))

Susan and Lucy: They look prettier. It isn't fair. >.< Good acting, of course, and Anna Popplewell looks to be quite the leading lady. I loved the bit where susan said to caspian "Keep [the horn], you might need to call me" LOLOL. Some flirting going on, and Lucy finally had a scene where she could use her knife, although all she did was to display it at an entire friggin army and smile sweetly. Before Aslan came over and roared them to oblivion LOL

Reepicheep: Eddie Izzard took the character and did wonders with it! His version of reepicheep had an aristocratic flair, and was honor obsessed. Also very proud. I loved the subtle nuances in the voice, and his snarky one liners which totally stole the show. The mouse soooo cute! ^^/ Favourite line: "Yes we'll collect nuts and throw them at the enemy. Are you stupid?!!! Shut up!!" hahahahaha =)

Miraz and the Telmarine Court: All apparently famous spanish actors. I loved the intrigue and court scenes.

Gah. Totally gorgeous. My favourite has to be Caspian's castle - apparently a built to scale set in Prague.Absolutely gorgeous *_* And i loved the dark slovenian forests.

I really want lucy's dress >.< Very good costumes, as usual, with my favourite being their clothes in the last scene. Prince Caspian's getup was GORGEOUS ^_____^ Also loved the Telmarine armour with their metal masks. Reminded me of the Spanish Conquisidores (sp?). And Edmund looked good in his school uniform in the first scene.. haha.

Beautiful score!!! Listen above. Extremely moving, and tied very tightly to the actual movie, so at times, it is the music that brings you to where the director wants you. He used many electronic elements instead of a pure orchestra, which gave it alot more rhythm and oomph, i think. The last scene, where they used Regina Spektor's song, was a very beautiful and aptly done one. They couldn't have chosen a better song! I've pretty much heard the soundtrack on repeat for 3 whole days, so of the best in a long time.

Special FX: Bloody brillant! I preferred this version of Aslan. Apparently they changed studio. Very realistic. The centaurs, fauns, and satyrs were also better than last time, since they could finally do the running and talking scenes. My friend loved the last cool bit with the river god. That was a fantastic bit of CGI which looked so real and amazing I think most people were in awe.

[/end rant]

*drops dead* well, that was it. =) Go watch it!!! hehe
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