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Back from Tokyo. Immensely happy. Also immensely broke. But well, you only live once... =)

It all started with this band...and this beautiful song...

Click for the trip journal.. )

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Ah...backdating this post since I was a little lax in actually writing stuff that night I came back (midnight! tired!) =)

Uploaded pictures for the older posts too, so do go back and see the other days =)

Click for more piccies =) )

May. 24th, 2009 11:01 pm

NYC Day 3

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No pictures today, because today we slacked off.... too tired. LOL My feet currently hurt like crazy, and my stomach is so stuffed i cannot breathe. LOL

Have gotten off my ass and put up pictures... 

Click cut for piccies! =) )
May. 23rd, 2009 11:17 pm

NYC Day 2

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My first full day in NYC! Currently super tired because we seriousl spent 12 hours doing a whirlwind shopping + eating deal. Nonstop. i kid you not. I even have pictures to prove it! Am blogging this in Sue's pretty room, nursing very painful feet...

Clicky for the real deal =) )

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So I finally got off my butt to edit some photos and submit them to deviantart, like i've been meaning to for a long LOOOONG time. So, here they are, and I am rather proud of them, so do look =) Clicky for the deviantart link =)

Dusk At Lake Chuzenji Duet

Land Before Time Seulement

Se Reunir Avalon

Sunset At Fisherman's Wharf Going Home

Sea Dance

Sea Dancer Wallpaper Set

Comments, as always, are very welcome, cos they make me happy ^^V If you have a deviantart account, and like my work, please +fav me!!!! =)
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