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BBC America is the root of all evil. No really. Let me explain -

It all started with me switching on BBC America when they were screening 'Any Dream Will Do', a competition to find the next 'Joseph' for a musical. There was one particular judge, called John Barrowman. He did stuff on the show like this - which was way too charming <3

So I went on youtube, and typed in 'John Barrowman' and realized the guy is gay and has this adorable hot partner called Scott Gills, and together they do things like this which is beyond adorable.

And then Youtube being youtube throws these deluge of videos and i learnt several things:
  1. He flirts. With anything that moves. Would shag them too.
  2. There's two shows he's in. Doctor Who, and Torchwood. They're linked. And in Torchwood he shags this cute butler called Ianto. They shag. They kiss. And Ianto is really fine. I mean look at this. *dead*
It also really helps that Torchwood and Doctor who are both about Time Travel, Aliens, and, for once, excellent scripting.

So yeah. Um. Help. I found Torchwood. And Doctor Who. And Ianto oh god andtheresjack/iantofic so help me. D=

As if i really needed ANOTHER OTP and TWO LONG TV SERIALS to get addicted to right now. D=

PS. Growing rec list here *facepalms*
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Watched X-Men First Class the other day. I think i squeed from the moment the movie started, right till the very end. My wee fangirl heart was having serious trouble trying to come to terms with McAvoy's charm and Fassbender's hotness. *dead* Also. The slash. <3 <3 <3

Fangirling aside, that was an excellent movie, and definitely my favourite movie in the X-Men franchise. It had the right amount of fun to it. It wasn't all serious, and was jsut the right amount of cheesy and 60s-esque, which really reminded me of the reason why I loved x-men in the first place - the cartoons. The costumes were spot on!

McAvoy was extremely adorable/funny as a Xavier with hair. He was SOCUTESOCUTESOCUTE. Also, the fail genome pick-up lines made me LOL. And Fassbender. Oh god. I hope he really becomes the next James Bond because he was totally badass here. What with the bespoke suits, and that nice arse, and he speaks german and french oh god. Together, they are unrivaled in this movie. The chemistry was awesome. And the slash implications infinitely better because of just how good the acting was. I'm so in love.

So yes, Charles/Erik aka McFassy has just overtaken Inception's Arthur/Eames as my new OTP. And look, i have the exponentially growing fic rec list to show for it. Although it is rather frustrating that all the good fics are WIPs now *facepalms*

On other things, um, Tom Hiddleston is rather adorable as Loki. Superbly pointy and evil. I like. <3 One more guy to my increasingly british harem =D

Oh, and new layout. Because I've left the dbsk fandom for so long there's no longer any point in keeping the header pic. Unfortunately my photoshop stopped working so I couldn't make a proper header pic and matching color combi. Forgive the rather crude mashup of layouts. =D
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[ profile] mrfjurjur  just spammed me this video after I cross-spammed her with awesome Merlin/Arther fic. AND IT"S SO FUNNY!!! Random cuts from the Catherine Tate show. Features the Merlin actor, Colin Morgan, towards the end. That aside though, funny as hell:

"Did you hear about our John? He's a Gay Man now!!!"

Please watch. Especially funny if you read Merlin/Arthur fic. But nonetheless hilarious.

My fave bit was with the xmas present of chocolate cock:
"It's a penis, but you can eat it!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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There are times where i sit back and stare at myself in disbelief at how forgetful i can be. LOL

Case in point - Drove to work today, and just as I was starting to settle nicely in my office chair to enjoy my coffee, i realise i left my phone at home. Second time in a month, mind you. I never used to forget my phone before. O_O

Then, after work, I drive towards the gym, planning to get some paperwork for my membership. As i'm locking up my car, I realise i leave my wallet at work this time. *facepalms*

Phone: -1
Wallet: +1

Phone: +1
Wallet: -1


Net result: UTTER PHAIL.

lol. win.
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so A and I were talking the other day about this homin fic he was working on, and I was attempting to help him brainstorm. It was a fic where changmin works in this old bookstore, and yunho walks in one day... Naturally, put two homin fans, already high from all those hawwwt yunho pics, together, and you get some pretty amazing stuff. Also note that dearest A is AT WORK. =_=. Putting up excerpts of the chat here primarily because PL said 'do share'.  XDXDXD

in which famous books become bad fanfiction puns.. )

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Happy Chinese New Year! Hope the year of the Tiger will be a good one.. =)

Spent seven hours cleaning my house today. It's funny how the longer you spend overseas, the more important the traditions become. Yet another way to alleviate the homesickness. The problem with me and spring cleaning, is, well, I'm OCD. Everything takes twice as long when you're anal =_= So yes, my house right now is seriously CLEAN. It's practically shining. O_o Took out 6 bags of trash. The neighbours were probably looking at me weird. LOL

Reunion dinner was a rather subdued affair - met up with two other friends for a simple dinner at a cafe. None of the fancy New Year dishes, nor the usual raucous surroundings. In fact the cafe was pretty quiet and empty, which made me feel rather...homesick at the end of it. Spent the last hour calling relatives. Hearing the noisy laughter in the background makes me want to go home NOW! I miss my CNY days... lol  Though I'm seriously grateful for skype and long distance phonecalls. I'd be miserable otherwise! lol

This year's CNY is interesting though, it's the same as V-Day. I wonder how the asians are dealing with that. My theory is that CNY comes before V-Day simply because, well, it's the first day of CNY! No time to date - need to visit the gazillion relatives. LOL

Now the only thing is, what to do tomorrow. Hm. Houston doesn't give one many alternatives when one's friends are all hooked up and busy. =_=
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