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So for the past two days I've pretty much vegetated in front of my computer reading fic, reorganizing my music collection, and tinkering with my shiny new tumblr. Of course I also found the time to shop (and get extremely broke) on black friday *winces* That said I may have found the ultimate sweet spot for black friday shopping - one must hit the midnight madness at 4am, when the first wave of people leave, so you don't have the problem with parking or elbowing people for a spot at the queue, or standing in line after line just to pay/try clothes/get coffee.

On the flip side, that one bright idea has left me extremely broke, because once there's not enough of a crowd to tire me out, i go batshit crazy shopping =_=


Also, Take That has a new album. Yes, you heard right. Take That has a new album. D= And good ol' Robbie Williams is back with the boys!!!!! *does a happy dance*

Now you may be wondering why on earth i'm reccing a boyband (DBSK doesn't count XD). A very mature man-band to be precise, but still. It's pop. It's 90s stuff. It's a tad embarrassing to even mention one listens to them. (Though I guess admitting I used to really like Backstreet Boys is equally damning too). I never quite liked Take That in general. Always found it silly that Gary Barlow got to sing everything while the other four harmonized the chorus like very classy back-up singers. I was frankly glad when Robbie went solo - his Swing While You're Winning concert at the Albert Hall is still one of my all-time favourite live performances.

Imagine my surprise though, when i sampled the album. Progress is an extremely good album. Frankly, if I'd never seen the title, I would never have known that this was Take That. It doesn't sound like a boyband pop record at all. Rather it sounds like a mash-up of the best of british popular music. At times while listening it's almost uncanny, the artists and songs this album makes me recall. It's a little bit of Coldplay, a little Paolo Nutini, and that honesty that I tend to associate with the Beatles. All this peppered with a bit of Suede-esque glamour and Muse/Queen grandeur. 

When Robbie and Gary mesh their song writing together it produces a very addictive brand of pop. You have Gary's knack for emotional, beautiful tunes, coupled with Robbie's tendency to give everything that little edge to make it still relevant today. I love this album. I only hope Robbie sticks around long enough to make another. Gary Barlow is a really good song writer, but at times it tends to get boring, so I think it's a good thing Robbie's back to add that little spunk. =D

Here's the sampler for the entire album. My personal favourites are The Flood, Pretty Things (which sounds a little demented BUT SO BEAUTIFUL), and Wait (reminds me of a Suede song).

And here's a live performance of The Flood. I love the huge wall of sound this provides. Love it to bits. There's something about the big smile on Robbie's face that tugs at my heart. They all look so happy to be together again.

I've a new found appreciation for Take That's music now. They are so much better when the others sing lead too. Case in point being a beautiful acoustic version of Shine. I love Mark Owen's voice. This is from the first album after their reunion in 2006, minus Robbie. Very good song.

And lastly, the song about the rift between the two. As always, better live. I like the honesty in this song, and the tune.

Nov. 26th, 2010 12:33 pm


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got a tumblr account today. a little experiment to see how it works. So far i like its focus on visual art and social aspects of sharing said art. it's like twitter on steroids. lol

follow if you like! =)
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it's been awhile, sorry for not posting as much as I really should. LOL But, i've been busy! over these few things, primarily:
  1. My new phone. A gorgeous, black and red DROIIIIID incredible. By HTC mind you, because i'm a sucker for the HTC Sense UI, and motorola really, really sucks. XD It's so liberating to finally be connected 24/7, and i find myself turning on the computer less and less, because, hey, i can do everything else on the phone! hhahaha. That's all good until i see the phone bill of course. D=  I actually like the Android interface better than the iphone. Or maybe i jsut like the htc interface. The keyboard is awesome. At least i don't make crazy mistakes like i do on the iphone =_=
  2. A/E inception fic. OMG. This just reminded me why i really love english fandoms - the excellent writing. I look at the fic being churned out at a scary rate of 10 a day and i despair of every reading all of them. lol Also, harry potter/inception crossovers. O.M.G. best crossover ever. Somehow the fact that arthur is a wizard is really kinda cool. LOL Been reading fic whenever i get a break - lunch, before bed, after i wake....^^;;;;   The thing about english fandoms is they tend to deal with a whole different level of emotional subtleties which I find asian fandoms don't usually go into. That might be attributed to western cultures being more screwed up open but it really does make for good reading. Asian fandoms usually end up being two dimensional compared to stuff they write about in english fandoms. Either that or i'm just spoiled by the quality of the writing in Harry Potter/Inception fandoms. lol
  3. Actually, work. =_= i kinda miscounted/forgotten the fact that i have actually taken vacation for the last two weeks of december. So. Um. Screwed. Because i have to finish all my projects by year end and my time line just got truncated by 2 weeks. Shit.
On other things, OMG YAY LUNA SEA CONCERT IN TWO WEEKS!!! And black friday before then. Kinda have a long list of electronics I need to purchase... my wallet... T_T

HARRY POTTER IN A WEEK! i cannot wait. *starts fidgeting*

And i think i'm officially over the DBSK fandom. Unfortunately. That new JYJ english album was actually the last straw. I'm afraid i only really like DBSK songs when they're together. The JYJ stuff by kanye west was just.... not my type of music. I guess i'm tired of all the drama in kpop fandoms. So i'm out. I'll watch the occasional drama, but otherwise, i think i'm done.  My sister, on the other hand, is over the moon, because she gets to inherit my ginormous hoard of dbsk stuffs. =_= I'm keeping the cds though. I still love the music. lol

On happier news, Suede and Luna Sea have reunited. Two of my favourite bands in the world. <3 <3 <3 Although the fact that they're reuniting after 10 years and I've actually seen them through several albums and traumatic breakups makes me feel extremely old. T_T But! regardless. Yay. Good music is back in the world again. lol
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Been putting this off for too long (cos i'm a terribly lazy person). So. Updates! =)

1. Been following the World Cup very VERY closely. Was totally over the moon when Germany trashed Argentina in the quarter-finals. Had never been on such a high over a world cup game. I guess it was the euphoria of seeing an eww-y team like Argentina get kicked out, and maradona's face (hate that guy). Also garnered a minor crush on Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Mueller and Oezil *sheepish grin* and discovered that the german football team has their own slash fandom in the likes of Schweinski - Schweinsteiger + Podolski. O_O Though real-person-football slash is really rather disturbing to even consider. So i shall, um, leave that alone. O_O

2. Then Germany loses to Spain in the semis. ARRRGH. IT WAS SO CLOSE!!! Still so sore about it! Granted Germany was too cautious, and not their usual self, which makes it worse actually. And that STUPID OCTOPUS. For those coming into the World Cup mania late, Paul the octopus is this stupid german octopus in some bar that has so far predicted every single germany game in this world cup accurately. Yes, including the spain win. It's almost hilarious when you think about how much hate/love one stupid octopus can generate. Though of course now it's more hate than love. Personally i'm looking for some octopus to murder eat. I'm sure for the next few days, octopus will be the menu favourites at restaurants. The distraught german fans though, have started singing Anti-Octopus songs. Yep, you heard that right. O_o Anti-Octopus songs! ROFL. I'm still looking for a video. Will be back when I find one. XD  The best comment of the day, though, comes from darling [ profile] starlighter , "I BELIEVE HE SHOULD NOT BITE THE HANDS THAT FEED HIM!'  which sent me into fits of laughter after reading it. ROFL.

Anyway. germany better win uruguay now. Or i'll be PISSED. *rawr*

3. *ahem* world cup mania aside, it's been raining here. EVERY DAY. And NON-STOP. O_O I mean i like rain in copious amounts, but not when i have to wake up early in the morning to drive to work, and not when the rain floods out the highways. O_O Had my first taste of flooded -highway-traffic the other day. It was not fun. >.< And it's still raining! lordy. And the other day a cement truck fell over and dumped cement on the roads, so i had to take a detour in the rain which took an hour. Driving in houston really makes me appreciate public transport. At least i'm not wasting my time sitting in the car and not being able to do anything...

4. work sucks. big time. new boss now, new dynamic, but this dynamic in particular is really weird so i'm still trying to get my head around it. Also getting flooded with more work, and for the first time i'm starting to feel really stressed out O_O That i'm now the only female in my dept after my boss left isn't really helping either :( Miss home!

5. Been listening to alot of new music recently. Music recs to follow, when i have some time after the world cup to write something down.

Ok i suck at updates. Gomen =_= i think i should have renamed this a world cup post instead. XD
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