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Back from Tokyo. Immensely happy. Also immensely broke. But well, you only live once... =)

It all started with this band...and this beautiful song...

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Okay, here's the concert report proper, since it promises to be LONG.:

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Ah...backdating this post since I was a little lax in actually writing stuff that night I came back (midnight! tired!) =)

Uploaded pictures for the older posts too, so do go back and see the other days =)

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May. 24th, 2009 11:01 pm

NYC Day 3

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No pictures today, because today we slacked off.... too tired. LOL My feet currently hurt like crazy, and my stomach is so stuffed i cannot breathe. LOL

Have gotten off my ass and put up pictures... 

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May. 23rd, 2009 11:17 pm

NYC Day 2

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My first full day in NYC! Currently super tired because we seriousl spent 12 hours doing a whirlwind shopping + eating deal. Nonstop. i kid you not. I even have pictures to prove it! Am blogging this in Sue's pretty room, nursing very painful feet...

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May. 23rd, 2009 12:15 am

NYC day 1

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In NYC now...flew in on JetBlue this time, and I must say that was a pretty pleasant flight =) Jetblue is like the SIA of budget airlines in US hahaha. At least my legs had space. And the snacks were decent. And i had in-seat tv screens =) Most of my time was spent watching my PSP though - dled a whole bunch of DBSK vids, and spent 2 hours laughing at the boys LOL

My neighbour was a real weird guy who kept fidgeting though, and that irritated me to no end. Sigh.

On other things, i"m in NYC, breathing NYC air, and surrounded by NYC shopping/fashion/art. I am extremely happy. MOre so because the first thing i saw coming otu of the plane was a MUJI shop of all things. Naturally yours truly dashed in and walked a quick round, just so I could smell the air, touch the beautiful sleek japanese products....*sighs happily*

Right now out of my window at sue's flat is a nice lighted bridge. It reminds me of San Francisco....I miss that place very much too....

Is late =) Bonne nuit =)
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