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[ profile] mrfjurjur  just spammed me this video after I cross-spammed her with awesome Merlin/Arther fic. AND IT"S SO FUNNY!!! Random cuts from the Catherine Tate show. Features the Merlin actor, Colin Morgan, towards the end. That aside though, funny as hell:

"Did you hear about our John? He's a Gay Man now!!!"

Please watch. Especially funny if you read Merlin/Arthur fic. But nonetheless hilarious.

My fave bit was with the xmas present of chocolate cock:
"It's a penis, but you can eat it!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Just heard this on my ipod today while driving home, and was reminded about why I like the scissor sisters so much. They sound very... glam-pop, maybe? I like the sound, it reminds me of suede crossed with david bowie and with a bit of bee gees even. Slightly campy, but very fun, and incidentally excellent for jogging XD What makes them special to me is the HILARIOUS lyrics. Very snarky, flamboyant, and yes a little gay. But very fun to listen to.

I particularly like the tune and the lyrics of this song, Land of a Thousand Words. Very haunting. The mtv was also way cool, reminded me of those james bond trailers. Ta-Dah, the album this came from, by the way, is an excellent album.

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Oct. 17th, 2009 08:57 am

Song Meme

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Post up youtube vids of five songs in your music collection which have the same title but are sung by different artists. (i so totally made this up XD)

Title: Shine

1. The campy ghei that is Luna Sea. Sugizo's rather...divaesque performance is pretty memorable.

2. Take That's version. Embedding disabled, so please click here. Love the MV =)

3. Mr Big. Also the soundtrack for...i think it was Helsing. There was vampires or something. 

4. L'arc En Ciel. I'm starting to hear some similarities between the songs... (Also, really love this PV and song)

5. Last but not least, the DBSK version. XDXDXDXDXD SOOOO CUTE! <3

Its really rather interesting how they all have the same general key tones even they're all wholly different styles. =) INteresting meme XDXD. Tagging PL, the only person that still reads this blog... XD And anyone else who might wanna do this XD

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One word: WOW.

Don't pretend to understand the historical context behind this, but from a pure artistic standpoint, that was beautiful art.

Aug. 8th, 2009 01:59 pm


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behold my current source of serious blood loss *_*

just watch the first minute or so. The rest of it you can watch if you end up falling head over heels for the guy XD

and the pictures that come with it...



OMG the cheekbones. The eyes. That body. The legs. *dies*

and another video for hotness:

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Currently playing this song to death, and the best part is it's not even released yet *sheepish grin*

but before you guys start complaining about my single-minded obsession, i have to point out jsut how BEAUTIFUL this song is. Firstly, the lyrics. The way it's written, and how close to heart it is, makes me feel very...understood. Then the harmony - very lush, kinda goes into your brain and gives you this comfortable rush. The tune, especially is -exquisite-. And of course the guys are really cute here *heh*

The piano transcription by keudae is also very beautiful:

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Yet another DBSK post - mainly because i just saw TBS' Mirotic concert preview. And it's amazing. The music is good, the dances are OMG SO HOT, and they were pitch perfect in the slow songs O_O I just kept moving closer and closer to the screen... LOL I can't wait for the actual dvd to be out T_T

Also because i just revamped all my icons, so I wanted to show a new one. *points to icon* *dies laughing* Check out my icon set here. I put up some really funny stuff *dies* I love the dbsk boys to BITS *squee*

Posting up this vid out of cut because the singing is AMAZING. Must watch!

Love In The Ice + Don't Say Goodbye - watch this if you skip everything else. BEAUTIFUL pitch-perfect, live performance. And such beautiful songs. Don't say goodbye, especially. Beautiful.

Here's some of my other faves in the concert:

Clicky for more vids.. )
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something simple for now...

1. Reply to this post and I’ll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

PL gave me the letter M, so here goes, in youtube form. To make this a little more interesting, I've tried to post stuff I don't usually talk about.. =)

My Way by Robbie Williams (live at the Albert Hall)
I've always loved this song, but Robbie's version is perhaps my favourite rendition. This performance shows why he's such a good singer, and an excellent performer. If you can, watch the whole Albert Hall performance on youtube. Esp. I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen and Mr Bojangles. It's excellent. Now if only I can get hold of the dvd...sigh...

mmmbop by hanson
for some old school bubblegum pop fun.. =) (and along the same line there's Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffats)

My Dark Star by Suede
One of the best songs from Suede, during the height of their british glam-pop reign

My Iron Lung by Radiohead

Back when Radiohead was still a band which sang -tunes- and not sounds... One of my faves. I would've posted the MTV live performance, which IMO is the best, but that one has the front cut off, so putting this one too so you can appreciate the front.. =)

Mr. Brightside by The Killers
For some reason I really love this MTV, for its faux glitter and posturing

And there you have it, five songs. In retrospect not much different but hope you liked the variety somewhat =) And as a bonus, here's My Interpretation by Mika =)
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Perhaps the coolest Coraline trailer so far IMO, with Gaiman channeling Morpheus and describing the fear of buttons in all his british dark lord glory.
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These days it seems my life is boring enough that I have to blog with the aid of interesting links.... =)

First up, a hilarious article from the BBC about doctor slang. Acronyms that your doc wishes you never knew.... *lol*

My personal favorite bit is:
And the number of terms for patients believed to be somewhat intellectually challenged is enormous.
From LOBNH (Lights On But Nobody Home), CNS-QNS (Central Nervous System - Quantity Not Sufficient), to the delightful term "pumpkin positive", which refers to the implication that a penlight shone into the patient's mouth would encounter a brain so small that the whole head would light up.
Then a series of videos from Donald Braswell - an incredible voice with an inspiring voice. I admire the raw emotion coming from him. I was discussing with PL, and we agree that unlike other professional tenors, his voice has a kind of raw edge when he hits the high notes, which makes him sound more human and easier to relate to. Hope he gets somewhere from the competition... right now he's in the final five!!

Notice the audience booing him and then eventually cheering him on, it was pretty amazing. Probably staged, but good tv nonetheless. LOL.

I thought this rendition was pretty good. (i like the song... *_*)

Music of the Night, yet another version, not too bad IMO.
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So I read about this at the BBC, and was awed. Then my friend found the video of the clock in operation...

And that was about when the mechanical engineer geek in me kicked in. This is a gorgeous piece of work. Makes me want to run to cambridge to steal it, so I can open it up. *grin* My major fascination is with the grasshopper escapement's mechanism. It's very intriguing how the motion can turn the wheel/pendulum. O_O Took me awhile to figure out how it was working - looks as if there's some pivoting motion by the legs to actually push the wheel round.

Particularly interesting, also, is how the clock is laden with metaphors, as explained by his creator in the video. About how time radiates out, like waves, and is really relative to a person's perspective, with varying lengths. And how time is constantly being eaten away, running out and away from our lives...

Interestingly, the clock is only accurate every 5 minutes. Makes for a rather unreliable clock, but pretty nonetheless, and extremely meaningful.
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